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E-VLBI Progress with the LBA Chris Phillips, eVLBI Project Scientist November 2011.

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1 E-VLBI Progress with the LBA Chris Phillips, eVLBI Project Scientist November 2011

2 2 The LBA ASKAP Ceduna ATCA Parkes Mopra Warkworth Hobart Tidbinbilla Yarragadee Katherine

3 Existing AARNet DWDM Network R+E DWDM Network (Under Installation) Future R+E DWDM Network 3 ASKAP Ceduna ATCA Parkes Mopra AUT Hobart Tidbinbilla Network Links

4 Mount Pleasant (University of Tasmania) 10 Gbps connection across Bass Strait Wavelength, not fibre Upgraded Mark5a and tested with eVLBI Tested Mark5B+ for eVLBI compatibility University infrastructure does not support jumbo frames, jive5ab (at time of testing) required them CSIRO. eVLBI Oz 2011

5 Warkworth See Tims talk next 1 Gbps link NZ to Australia eVLBI with DBBC/Mark5b achieved easily in February 2011 @ 512 Mbps CSIRO. eVLBI Oz 2011

6 Hartebeesthoek First eVLBI test run to LBA on 25 November 2010 Using Mark5a hardware Immediate fringes @ 512 Mbps CSIRO. eVLBI Oz 2011

7 KVN KVN-LBA tests planned for the next few weeks CSIRO. eVLBI Oz 2011

8 e-Transport All stations except Ceduna using e-Transport of data to a 3 rd party data store Tidbinbilla USB disk shuffle Using grid-FTP, no certificates Most sessions no disk swapping ATCA 36 TB disk array Parkes 48 TB disk array Typically 100 TB/session Typically no faster than mail Kinder to disks Lower overhead to staff CSIRO. eVLBI Oz 2011

9 Parkes Data Store 100% COTS solution 4 U chassis with 24 2 TB SATA disks SuperMicro Adaptec hardware RAID card ATCA Sun Thumper 28x750 GB CSIRO. eVLBI Oz 2011 RAID05.5 Gbps RAID55.2 Gbps RAID64.1 Gbps

10 ASKAP VLBI backend ASKAP VLBI backend developed at Curtin by PhD student Bruce Stansby Based on Signatec PX14400 sampler card PCI-E x8 card Dual channel 400 Mbps/14 bit (200 MHz bw) Lab test dual pol 128 MHz Deployed as 64 MHz dual 4 Gbps recording onto COTS RAID0 CSIRO. eVLBI Oz 2011

11 ASKAP eVLBI Software conversion to 2 bit with AGC Requires a few dedicated cores Write to network or disk Short term total power for free 4 msec minimum integration time 10s usec possible easily Flexible design Modified code to realtime spectrometer Formats data as LBADR, Mark5B or VDIF Still limited to 64 MHz bandwidth First fringes 27 June 2011 128 MHz dual pol should work fine CSIRO. eVLBI Oz 2011

12 ATCA image by L Godfrey (Curtin University) PKS0637-752

13 Banff SKA Forum e-VLBI demonstration Live eVLBI demonstrated during Minister for Science press conference CSIRO. The high resolution component of ASKAP

14 DIFX2.0 – Zoom Bands DIFX Zoom Bands allows correlation of different bandwidth without resampling Particular importance with ASKAP with inflexible sampling system Use in fringe test in June 2011 1x64 MHz at Mopra, 3x16 MHz at other stations 2x8 MHz zoom bands correlated CSIRO. eVLBI Oz 2011

15 AARNet 40 Gbps trials AARNet using CSIRO links to telescopes to test roll out of CISCO 40 Gbps technology Parkes to ATCA, via Sydney Deliberately long to showcase technology Only requires upgrade of endpoint equipment, long haul infrastructure remains (optical amplifiers etc) Current fibres support 80 wavelengths for a total of 3.2Tbps 8 Tbps using 100 Gbps technology CSIRO. eVLBI Oz 2011

16 Contact Us Phone: 1300 363 400 or +61 3 9545 2176 Email: Web: Thank you Astronomy and Space Science Chris Phillips e-VLBI Project Scientist Phone: 02 93724608 Email: Web:

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