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Delivering as One UN Albania 19-21 October 2009 – Kigali.

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1 Delivering as One UN Albania 19-21 October 2009 – Kigali

2 Goal of One UN Programme Enhance development results and impact by bringing together the comparative advantages of the UN system in support of national priorities including European integration. UN operate with unity in purpose, coherence in management and efficiency in operations

3 DaO Focus Five Programme areas: governance, participation, basic services, regional development, environment Cross-cutting areas: Gender equality, national capacity development and social inclusion Core elements: policy advocacy and dialogue, network and partnership building, technical assistance and support towards international commitments and standards

4 DaO Governance structure Government Modernisation Committee: provides policy oversight for DaO strategic direction and alignment with nation priorities. JEC: co-chaired by GoA and UNRC, responsible for management of One UN programme including decisions on the Coherence Fund; Government Inter- ministerial Working Group: composed of Secretary Generals from Line Ministries, consultative body on technical issues UNCT: assume leadership within their mandates for substantive programme areas, identify priorities with Government counterparts and support implementation

5 Government expectations on DaO Predictable support in key strategic programme areas to enhance progress and standards required for EU accession Harmonized UN assistance that contributes to aid coordination and effectiveness in line with Paris agenda Increased government leadership

6 Purpose of process evaluation Assess the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of DaO in Albania Assess progress on strategic intent for the reform, identify areas for improvement and remaining challenges from a mutual accountability perspective Recommendations on areas for improvement for the new Government/UN programme (2012-2016) also identify best practices for wider donor collaboration

7 Guiding Principles An open evaluation process with results made widely available (stakeholder workshop, CoM and UN website also global audience) For evaluations to be useful they must reflect the country context (adaptation of questions, set up, ToR). Involvement of stakeholders is essential Credible evaluation findings and adherence to international standards

8 The country evaluation should be different from the second Independent evaluation in scope and methodology The country evaluation should focus on measuring the outcome as compared with the objectives set by the GoA, the country ownership and leadership. It should be country led, put into country context and using country resources to the best possible extent The Independent evaluation should focus on both country objective meeting and the UN system impact as result of DaO

9 Key Evaluation Questions 1.To what extent does the DaO (and its Ones) reflect increased prioritisation of support where UN has policy expertise and comparative advantage? 2.Does the DaO and its operational processes and mechanism have a potential for replication? 3.To what extent has the DaO led to strategic inclusiveness among UN agencies and national institutions? 4.To what extent has the DaO processes led to enhanced attention to gender equality and social inclusion into programmes and budgets?

10 Key Evaluation Questions (2) 1.To what extent does the DaO support the priorities on aid- effectiveness and better alignment and use of national systems? 2.To what extent has the DaO (and its Ones) improved synergies, reduced fragmentation in programming, and simplified administration and management practices? 3.How sustainable are the DaO process and systems and what key actions can be taken among partners to improve coordination, communication and efficiencies for higher development impact?

11 GoA Monitoring and Evaluation Integrated Planning System (IPS): Coherent planning architecture in place NSDI MTBP National Plan for SAA M ONITORING AND R EPORTING Policy Finances European Integration 11

12 GoA Monitoring and Evaluation …(2) Accountability structures - IPS IPS Coordination Group Sector Working Group SPC [chaired by PM] GSBI Program Teams 12 Gen. Sec.

13 Management Structure

14 1.Evaluation Management Group- chaired by Government Role: Oversight and management of evaluation 2 Government representatives (appointed by Minister of State) 1 Donor representative 2 UN Representatives

15 Management Structure Secretariat Role: preparation of evaluation, draft TOR, short listing of evaluators, review of deliverables) 1 Government representative (appointed by Minister of State) UN M&E Group Reference Group Role: consultation and validation Using existing structures, donor consultation mechanisms, civil society group, sector working groups

16 Evaluation Team advertised internationally Credible company or team of individuals with proven track record to produce quality results. Ethics: Evaluators with no stake in outcomes to safe guard credible evaluation. Team of 2-3 professionals for rapid work, ideally with national consultant as part of team

17 Time Frame Nov-Dec Recruitment of evaluators Jan.-, Evaluation starts (desk review, interviews, data collection) February/March, Data validation exercise of draft findings. Early April, second draft report ready for lessons learned note, Hanoi May/June, Management response and publication of findings

18 Thank you,

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