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Unit 30 Digital Graphics Creating Graphics.

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1 Unit 30 Digital Graphics Creating Graphics

2 Learning Objectives To learn about the function of hardware and software in the manipulation of digital graphics To learn how to use PEE to structure your work and to identify spelling and grammar errors by proof reading effectively

3 Unit Outcomes Know the hardware and software required to work with graphic images Understand types of graphic images and graphical file formats Be able to use editing tools to edit and manipulate images Be able to create and modify graphic images to meet user requirements

4 Assessment Objectives
P1 Describe the hardware and software used to create and edit graphic images

5 Starter Open the website that-were-actually-fake#.gcWa0LeEpn These images are all fake using features of Photoshop which you will have a chance to experiment with later in the unit

6 Web Search Look for images that you think help to sell a product
Are faked to give a wrong impression Have been edited into a humorous image

7 Now individually research one of the following:
RAM – function and role, speed capacity CPU – including function and role, speed and features Graphics Card – features, use, speed Cache – why is it needed Storage devices such as: Hard drive, CD – Rom, USB etc Also explain how all the hard drive, hard drive cache, RAM, processor cache and processor interact with each other Explain what the role is for each of these in a computer and what tasks they fulfil for digital image editing For a Merit list some limitations for each hardware device

8 Input devices Now we will investigate some input devices to explain how they work Graphics tablet Mouse Digital Camera Scanner

9 Digital Image Software
Now look at the software: Load Fireworks and experiment with the vector tools. Screenshot and explain what each tool does. Also explain some of the other features and properties that each tool can change and what this does to a graphic Load Photoshop and manipulate an image using some of the photo tools Open Paint – Use the tools to draw a picture of your choice using a wide range of tools Open clip art in Publisher and Word. Load a clip art picture of your choice and investigate what different picture tools do Also show how to convert to different file types and the image viewer

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