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Unit 30- Digital Graphics Assignment 1- ACTIVITY 1 P1, M1, D1

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1 Unit 30- Digital Graphics Assignment 1- ACTIVITY 1 P1, M1, D1

2 Overview Of The Unit Fancy That! is a business selling fancy dress costumes. They want to create a website to advertise their business with a catalogue the customers can look through, but first they want you to produce a series of graphics that they could use to help re market them.

3 Learning? We are learning about:
L01- What are graphics and how they differ? L02- The impact of hardware and software in the production graphics

4 Assignment 1 In Summary They want to know some details about the hardware, software and image types that would be relevant for the graphics to be created.

5 What Do I Have Research and Write About?
You should explain each of the following in terms of their impact on graphics or the creation of the graphics in terms of types, ease and quality: Hardware: graphics card features; internal memory eg cache, RAM; processors; other hardware eg digital camera drivers and card; file storage eg CD ROM, hard drive, flash cards, USB storage devices; input devices eg graphics tablet, mouse, digital camera, scanner Output medium: printer; computer monitor; other eg mobile phone, PDA, plotter Software: vector based eg CorelDRAW; bitmap eg Paintshop Pro, Paint; photo manipulation eg Photoshop; others eg image viewers, photo galleries, file conversion

6 What To Create? This piece of work would be best suited to a word processing document. You should ensure you use suitable titles and subtitles A contents page.

7 Completing P1 For P1, learners should describe the role of the components of a given computer system in the production and manipulation of graphics. Learners could produce a series of information leaflets to cover at least one item from each of the groupings in the unit content. Create a hardware and software report. The hardware section needs to focus on components such as the graphics card and how their features impact upon graphical work. The software section needs to identify the vector and raster software applications you would wish to use as well as other software. Make sure all the hardware and software you describe relate to creating graphics. The hardware and software you need to include are mentioned below.

8 Completing M1 M1 is a comparison. Normally a comparison would consider both good and less good points, but in this case only the limitations are being compared. Within the remit that the hardware and software must relate to the production of graphics, learners can select any hardware devices and compare the limitations of those, and then select any software packages and compare their limitations. Whilst it is more appropriate for learners to select the items themselves, the tutor can direct them to devices and packages, or can give them a short list of appropriate hardware and software from which to select. For M1 you should compare different types of storage media (CD-ROM, hard drive, flash cards, USB Storage Devices) and different graphical input devices (graphics tablet, mouse, digital camera, scanner). You should also compare different software applications.

9 Completing D1 For D1, learners will research the ongoing changes in, and additions to, output media and the effect this has on the creation of graphic images. For D1 you should create the Output Media section of your report, evaluating the impacts of evolving output mediums on the design and creation of graphic images. Research the marketplace to find current developments in both hard and soft copy for graphical work. You may find it useful to find actual products used as output media.

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