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SIGMOD VIABILITY REVIEW Raghu Ramakrishnan March 2009.

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1 SIGMOD VIABILITY REVIEW Raghu Ramakrishnan March 2009

2 FINANCIAL SUMMARY (Mary Fernandez) 201020092008200720062005 ORGANIZATION 61,43027,97857,96968,51323,759(2,049) CONFERENCES 10,254 R.I. 11,853 Canada 69,321 China 117,632 Chicago 34,378 Maryland (7,459) Paris TOTAL 71,68439,831127,290186,14558,137(9,508) ENDING BALANCE 703,821563,498523,667396,377210,233152,096 REQUIRED 205,931203,112 ACTUAL BUDGET DIGITAL LIBRARY 78,51870,49770,45966,51759,93948,500

3 2010 Revenue Summary TOTALMembership & Administration PublicationsConferences Revenue $561,838 $78,048 $82,078$401,712 Expenses$ 490,154$91,275$7,421$391,458 Net$71,684$(13,227)$74,657$10,254

4 6 th Largest SIG (Yannis Ioannidis) 2021 members in December 2008 Comparison with 07 06/07 06/08 –Professional1604 1587 - 17 –Student 125 91 - 34 –Affiliate (SIG only) 362 626+264 –Institution 3 3 -- –TOTAL2094 2307+213

5 Membership in June YYYY

6 Online vs. Print

7 Conferences & Workshops (Lisa Singh) SIGMOD/PODS 2008, Vancouver –625 conference attendees –Both SIGMOD (78/435) and PODS (28/159) had an 18% acceptance rate –8 workshops DBTest08 - First International Workshop on Testing Database Systems DaMoN 08 - Data Management on New Hardware MobiDE 08 - Workshop on Data Engineering for Wireless and Mobile Access ExpDB08 - Workshop on Performance and Evaluation of Data Management Systems IQIS 08 - International Workshop on Information Quality in Information Systems WebDB08 - Workshop on the Web and Databases XIME-P08 - Workshop on Xquery Implementation, Experience, and Perspectives Other conference support –WSDM – First International Conference on Wed Search and Web Data Mining (25 % sponsorship) –KDD – International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining and 11 workshops (2.5% sponsorship)

8 Awards Both SIGMOD and PODS conferences have –Best Paper award –Test of Time award SIGMOD (the org) also has –Contributions award –Innovation award –Doctoral Dissertation award

9 SIGMOD Record (Alex Labrinidis) Quarterly (Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec) 8-member Editorial Board Updated design in June 2007 Special issues: COLUMNS Regular Articles, Surveys, Database Principles, Systems and Prototypes, Distinguished Profiles in Data Management Research Centers Open Forum (NEW) Event Reports Jun 2008: Tribute to Jim Gray 2009: 40 th year anniversary of relational model

10 Initiatives Traveling Speakers Program –Two senior members of the community visit university campuses (in a developing country) for about two days –Lectures, discussions w/ faculty and students –Curriculum evaluation –In cooperation with VLDB Endowment ACM History program Membership streamlining (Online, Student, Plus) Undergraduate scholarships to attend conferences Conference reviewing innovations DISC, DBLP support Video interviews CACM article recommendation committee

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