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Building Teacher Efficacy In Literacy Instruction What Reading Coaches and Specialists Need To Know Presented By: Maya Morrison-Sadder

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1 Building Teacher Efficacy In Literacy Instruction What Reading Coaches and Specialists Need To Know Presented By: Maya Morrison-Sadder

2 Is it our role to build teacher efficacy? YES!!!!!

3 Our Role As Literacy Coordinators Also Includes… IRA Supporting teachers to improve students reading, writing, and communication skills and content area achievement Neufeld and Roper Content Coach & Change Coach ; Change coaches act as change agents help principals plan, organize, implement teacher leadership Chicago Public Schools Implement differentiated instruction Analyze assessment data Help teachers interpret data to drive instruction

4 Self - Efficacy Is Defined As… According to Bandura: beliefs in ones capabilities to organize and execute the course of action required to produce given attainments

5 How Self Efficacy Affects Human Function –According to Bandura… People will be more inclined to take on a task if they believe they can succeed Optimum level of self efficacy is a little above ability People with high self efficacy in a task are more likely to expend more effort, and persist longer Low self efficacy can lead people to believe tasks are harder than they actually are People with a high self efficacy are generally of the opinion that they are in control of their own lives

6 Teacher Efficacy Is… Teacher efficacy measures the extent to which teachers believe their efforts will have a positive effect on student achievement (Henson, 2001)

7 Building Teacher Efficacy How does teacher efficacy impact teaching? How does teacher efficacy impact student achievement ? How can I as a Reading Specialist, build and support teacher efficacy in literacy instruction?

8 How does teacher efficacy impact instruction? Efficacious teachers plan more (Allinder, 1994)persist longer with students who struggle (Gibson&Dembo, 1984) and are less critical of student errors(Ashton & Webb, 1986). More willing to accept the risk of negative feedback from a coach ( Ross, 1992) More likely to see coaching as an opportunity to expand and consolidate their teaching techniques (Ross, 1992) Proven to be an important variable in teacher effectiveness (Ross,1992)

9 How does teacher efficacy impact student achievement ? Researches have repeatedly related teacher efficacy to a variety of positive teaching behaviors and student outcomes (cf. Tschannen-Moran, Woolfolk Hoy, & Hoy, 1998) Teacher efficacy is strongly related to achievement ( Ashton & Webb, 1986;Moore & Esselman, 1992; Ross, 1992) Previous research has found that teacher efficacy predicts teachers implementation of innovative programs and student achievement ( Ross, 1992) Student achievement would be higher in the classrooms of teachers with high teacher efficacy beliefs, was confirmed ( Ross, 1992)

10 How can I as a Reading Specialist, build and support teacher efficacy in literacy instruction? The Three Phases Foundation – Connect, Set GRRATE expectations, Observe, Prepare, Be Present – Permission Check Learning Loop – Share perceptions of performance, Ask learning questions to explore beliefs, Respectfully and reflectively listen Forwarding the Action – Solicit and suggest options, Request specific changes, Require changes in performance levels, Clarify action, commitment and follow up plan, Offer support (Crane, 2002)

11 In Practice…First Steps During This Past School Year Needs Assessments Grade Level Teacher Leadership Literacy Team Foundation to be grounded in constructivist leadership; Focused heavily on the importance of conversations – The Constructivist Leader (Lampert,2000) Clear vision, goals and benchmarks aligned to standards Strong grade level collaboration to strengthen cohesion and provide support Focus on analyzing student work and use of formative assessments to drive instruction Ongoing direct support in the classrooms through coaching, modeling and observing

12 Impact of Teacher Efficacy on Teaching…(NTA) Dared to be reflective Appreciative of our roles and viewed Specialists as partners Ready to try new techniques Realized value of research and utilized it in practice Focused squarely on student achievement – strengthening of school vision Admitted when they need help Verbally expressed aha moments and shared them collectively Realized they dont have to professionally develop in a workshop – information can be used and digested over time Trusted their own judgment Believed their students can learn and they play a major role student learning

13 Impact of Teacher Efficacy on Student Achievement …(NTA) Ownership of learning Participant as opposed to observer in the classroom Understands learning is continuous – not as concerned with getting it right – more concerned with the journey Every student was reading a book independently – students could name book, author, etc… Third grade students improved leaps and bounds according to running records testing and classroom assessments Upper grade students improved according to SRI, fluency snapshots and writing samples Students believed adults were there to help and support their learning process Reading became a favorite subject

14 What I learned… Keep It Simple Sweetie LISTEN Record, file, chronicle all needs assessments, PD presentations, notes, etc… review over time for reflection and as a reference Ask questions to problem solve Most important role of constructivist leadership is to facilitate the conversations

15 In Summation… as an Administrator, Teacher Leader or Reading Specialist to build teacher efficacy …. Keep It Simple ( initiatives, vision, goals) Observe literacy instruction early and often Celebrate accomplishments and small milestones with positive feedback Engage in conversations with teachers about literacy philosophy, understand process for teaching and learning from visiting classrooms Provide teachers with data & research that models desired improvement (90/90/90) Understand Systems Management (Senge) Be willing to show teachers, tell teachers, provide research and then show, tell teachers, and provide research again, and again, and again… Build PLCs & understand adult learners Reading Specialist – plan lessons with teachers, co teach and present PD together

16 Reflection Coaching is a journey…You will never arrive Paradoxical Commandments People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered. Love them anyway. If you are successful, you win false friends and true enemies. Succeed anyway. The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway. People really need help but may attack you if you do help them. Help them anyway. --Kent M. Keith


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