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Using the Enhanced OpenURL Framework: Upgrading from Version 0.1 to 1.0 Ann Apps MIMAS, University of Manchester, UK.

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1 Using the Enhanced OpenURL Framework: Upgrading from Version 0.1 to 1.0 Ann Apps MIMAS, University of Manchester, UK

2 NISO OpenURL Workshop2 Using the OpenURL Framework Support for scholarly information community Upgrade from v0.1 Practical use of OpenURL within a scholarly information application Conformance requirements

3 NISO OpenURL Workshop3 The OpenURL Framework for Context-Sensitive Services Generalisation and formalisation of v0.1 ContextObject: referenced resource and associated resources in context of reference OpenURL: method of transporting ContextObject

4 NISO OpenURL Workshop4 ContextObject Example In e-journal application Elsevier ScienceDirect, Ann Apps at Manchester University finds –McArthur, JG p27-p16 Chimera… Molecular Therapy 3(1) 8-13 References –Bergelson, J. Isolation of… Science (275) ContextObject contains 6 entities: –Referent: Bergelson paper –ReferringEntity: McArthur paper; Referrer: ScienceDirect –Requester: ServiceType: full text –Resolver:

5 NISO OpenURL Workshop5 Describing Entities Descriptors –Identifier: info:doi/ /science –Metadata By-value By-reference Formats –Key / Encoded Value (KEV) –XML

6 NISO OpenURL Workshop6 Using ContextObjects Transports –Flavours of OpenURL (by-value, by-reference, inline) Community Profiles –San Antonio Profiles Level 1 and 2 for scholarly information –Dublin Core Profile Core components in OpenURL Registry

7 NISO OpenURL Workshop7 San Antonio Profile Level 1 Key/Encoded Value Namespaces: –URI/URN, eg. http, mailto, ISSN, ISBN –info, eg. DOI, PubMed Id, SICI Metadata Formats: –journal, book, patent, dissertation Service Types: –abstract, citation, full text, holdings, ILL

8 NISO OpenURL Workshop8 zetoc Current awareness and document delivery service for journal articles and conference papers in every imaginable subject Based on British Librarys Electronic Table of Contents Available to researchers and learners in UK Higher and Further Education; England and Scotland National Health Service

9 NISO OpenURL Workshop9 Using zetoc Search via Web interface alert zetoc full record provides citation details Article can be ordered from BL or by ILL Users want electronic full text of article if they have valid subscription

10 NISO OpenURL Workshop10

11 NISO OpenURL Workshop11

12 NISO OpenURL Workshop12

13 NISO OpenURL Workshop13 Default Location OpenURL link to MDL LitLink Not an appropriate copy but many have access to major resources Its worth a try but access cant be guaranteed OpenURL linking well used and no complaints

14 NISO OpenURL Workshop14 zetoc OpenURL v0.1 Translate citation metadata into a URL link sid=mimas:zetoc &genre=article &atitle=Phase compositions… &title=Scripta Materialia&issn= &aulast=Apps&auinit=P.J.&date=2003 &volume=48&issue=5&spage=475&epage=481

15 NISO OpenURL Workshop15 OpenURL v1.0 url_ver=Z &url_ctx_fmt=info:ofi/fmt:kev:mtx:ctx &rfr_id=info:ofi/ &rft_val_fmt=info:ofi/fmt:kev:mtx:journal &rft.genre=article &rft.atitle=Phase compositions… &rft.jtitle=Scripta Materialia&rft.issn= &rft.aulast=Apps&rft.auinit=P.J.& &rft.volume=48&rft.issue=5&rft.spage=475&rft.epage=48

16 NISO OpenURL Workshop16 Upgrade v0.1 to v1.0 San Antonio Profile Level 1 (KEV) and Inline OpenURL –Add url_ver key –Add url_ctx_fmt key to indicate KEV –Change sid to rfr_id and use rfr:db: scheme –Add rft_val_fmt: referent by-value journal metadata –Prefix metadata keys by rft. –jtitle preferred for journal title –Change id to rft_id with info:, eg info:doi/10...

17 NISO OpenURL Workshop17 Entities and Descriptors in OpenURL v0.1 Referent: referenced article Referrer: origin description (sid) Resolver: base URL (link server) Requester, ReferringEntity, ServiceType: –in local identifier zone with private identifier (pid) Identifier descriptor: global identifier (4) Metadata Format: object metadata (journals / conferences)

18 NISO OpenURL Workshop18 Hybrid OpenURLs Upgrade transition period Problem for Referrers Solution: create hybrid OpenURLs Combined v1.0 and v0.1 Resolvers expected to deal gracefully with foreign keys

19 NISO OpenURL Workshop19 Hybrid OpenURL url_ver=Z &url_ctx_fmt=info:ofi/fmt:kev:mtx:ctx &rfr_id=info:ofi/ &rft_val_fmt=info:ofi/fmt:kev:mtx:journal &rft.genre=article&genre=article &rft.atitle=Phase compositions… &atitle=Phase compositions… &rft.jtitle=Scripta Materialia &title=Scripta Materialia...

20 NISO OpenURL Workshop20

21 NISO OpenURL Workshop21 OpenURL Trial Draft standard for trial use Trial April - November 2003 Sources, Resolvers, End-users zetoc: source SAP1 KEV inline OpenURLs Tested with several resolvers

22 NISO OpenURL Workshop22

23 NISO OpenURL Workshop23

24 NISO OpenURL Workshop24

25 NISO OpenURL Workshop25

26 NISO OpenURL Workshop26 Other Example Scenarios Examples listed in SAP1 Implementation Guidelines –Inline, by-value, by-reference OpenURL Article referenced from electronic journal article in e-journal service Conference paper referenced from e-journal article, or A+I service Book referenced from a book, or shopping service Journal referenced from serials directory

27 NISO OpenURL Workshop27

28 NISO OpenURL Workshop28

29 NISO OpenURL Workshop29 SAP1 Source OpenURLs Provided by Referrers, eg. e-journals, A+I services, library OPACS Provide as much information as available Provide a Referrer Identifier –Defines provenance of data Service type requests are guideline only Private data discouraged

30 NISO OpenURL Workshop30 SAP1 Resolver Conformance Target of activated OpenURL source link Support all selections from Registry defined as part of SAP1 Resolver behaviour not prescribed –Handle gracefully: Namespaces and metadata formats cannot resolve Foreign keys Continue to accept v0.1 OpenURLs

31 NISO OpenURL Workshop31 Beyond San Antonio OpenURL already well used in scholarly information environment Potential to provide intelligent appropriate copy links OpenURL Framework very general. Potential for use in diverse domains with new Profiles

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