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1 What does this picture tell us about gender roles?

2 Today’s session You will learn how to...You will learn about... Describe and apply psychological approaches & theories Use and evaluate the content analysis method Interpret research data Social learning theory Gender development

3 Gender How would social learning theory explain the acquisition of gender role & identity?

4 Social learning & gender Attention Encoding ImitationMotivation Child attends to a gender role model They learn gender- relevant behaviour They practice the behaviour themselves They may imitate if reinforcement is available

5 Social learning & gender Where will the child find suitable people to act as gender role models? What types of vicarious reinforcement and punishment may motivate the child (not) to imitate?

6 Gender role models Parents/carers Siblings Peers TV, films, magazines, Internet Educational materials

7 A research question Are women and men represented differently in children’s educational materials? – Why is this important for SLT? – Do you think they are? – How could we investigate?

8 Content Analysis A research method for producing quantitative data from qualitative material

9 Decisions Sample Coding units Coding categories

10 ‘Ladybird’ books from 1970s Pictorial representations of adults Occupation: – Homemaker – Manual – Clerical – Professional

11 Suggest an alternative hypothesis for this research

12 Coding sheet GenderH’makerManualClericalProf’lOther Male Female Female Each adult figure should be coded Adult figures must be coded only once Use ‘other’ as infrequently as possible

13 Content analysis Did you have any problems coding the pictures? Do you think our data will be a valid representation of what is in the books?

14 Report & discuss the results Explain what was found Comment on whether the results are consistent with our hypothesis Assess the validity of the data – External: representativeness of sample – Internal: validity of coding

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