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Inter-disciplinary innovations & transformative learning.

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1 Inter-disciplinary innovations & transformative learning

2 Your experience … Changing your discipline? Multi-disciplinary approaches? Inter-disciplinary approaches? Trans-disciplinary approaches?

3 Is this inter-disciplinary? Developing a Local Environmental Action Plan & SDF Research into waste & water management Issues, approaches & options Environmental Science & WRI Research into development planning & social services Sociology, Law & Economics Depts Biodiversity assessments & agricultural production / land use planning Agricultural Science, Environmental Science Community education & Training of municipal officials Education Department

4 Inter-disciplinarity … more than adding insights from different disciplines … skills to identify, select, translate, integrate knowledge from different disciplines into a coherent framework Integration of knowledge at the level of developing new theoretical and methodological perspectives … the most challenging dimension of re-orienting curriculum practices, pedagogy and research Does it allow for transformative learning?

5 Is this transformative learning?

6 Planning your innovations … Can you try out or further develop inter- disciplinary approaches that also enable transformative learning? How can you support others at your university to experiment with these approaches?

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