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Jan Scott English Language Teacher The Vocab Box.

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1 Jan Scott English Language Teacher The Vocab Box

2 1.Vocabulary sourced from learners’ own lives.  Talking to people, listening to people  Shopping  At work  Watching TV, watching movies, the news, listening to talkback, or song lyrics  Reading the newspaper, signs, books, junkmail  On the internet, watching Youtube videos.  Search the dictionary? 2. New words learnt in class. Readings / worksheets / listenings / conversations Sourcing vocabulary

3 Presenting vocabulary Learners independently learn about their new word or phrase and tell class: 1.Spelling 2.Word class 3.Pronunciation 4.Definition 5.An example of use in a sentence. 6.Collocations Record on a vocab card and put in box.

4 Some examples Contraception Puberty Cramp Tummy bug Terminal cancer Harden up One too many It’s up to you.

5 Practice, practice, practice 1.Chat time  Take words from the box, use in conversation 2.Vocab Games  Noughts and crosses  Hotseat 3.Spelling games 4.Class and pair testing 5.Grammar / tense / sentence structure

6 Grammar flash cards Talk about a habit Show frequency Present simple - positive

7 Learner feedback End of term give learners a list of all items –Typically 100+ words/phrases “I know how to use many new words.” “I like chatting and using new vocabulary.” “My grammar is not quite good. I need the right grammar. Using the cards helps me to use it.” “Yesterday when I talked to my case worker I remember the hard words.” “A little bit pressure, but I know I have to find it (new vocab) and my vocabulary is better now.”

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