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Multi Sectoral Approach to HIV/AIDS By Dr. Awad A. Mukhtar.

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1 Multi Sectoral Approach to HIV/AIDS By Dr. Awad A. Mukhtar

2 HIV/AIDS Pandemic continued its Deadly Assault in the different Regions of the wold and our Region is not an exception. And within our Region GCC countries are not exception through the disease prevalence in GCC. According to available data is less than the prevalence of the disease in other countries in East Mediterranean Region and the different regions of the world; most probably this difference is due to the difference in: -Life Style -Religions -Traditions -Marked improvement in safety of blood donation -Low rates of injected drugs abuse

3 But with the following trends the GCC are facing more threat of the increase in incidence and prevalence of HIV/AIDS: -Influx of expatriate (infected) from highly endemic countries as labourers of tourists. -Travel of vulnerable group to endemic countries -Difficulties to chase illegally and without check-up and stay permit individual from endemic countries. These contribute positively to the spread of disease in addition to shyness of reporting to health authorities and check up and taking appropriate measures to reduce transmission.

4 The Multi-Sectoral Approach for HIV/AIDS Prevention & Control As HIV/AIDS represents a major public health problem in the world also it is considered a social and developmental problem.

5 It is a problem which necessitate tackling by different sectors and agencies. At Country Level: - MOH - MIN ED, Social Health, Teachers, etc. Min. of Social Welfare Private Sector Religious Leaders Min of Information Civil Societies Women Societies National NGOs Red Crescent & Red Cross at national levels Youth and Sports Council

6 Joint Venture of International Agencies & Organizations: WHO UNICEF UNAIDS UNDP UNHCE ILO, AGFUND

7 A unified and comprehensive strataegy with participation of representatives of national gov. and civil societies is highly essential to reduce the cost and deliver scientific information which will serve the objectives

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