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HIV/AIDS in the State of Qatar.

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1 HIV/AIDS in the State of Qatar

2 HIV Statistics Total no. of cases diagnosed with HIV infection until 05/04 is 194 Qatari 101; 65 males, 36 females Non-Qatari 93; 60 males, 33 females Qatari died with HIV/AIDS 50 cases Children<15 diagnosed 28 Currently living with infection 68

3 Groups screened All newcomers to the country for work
All food handlers and HCW on recruitment All barbers and beauty saloon workers annually All HCW in private sector annually All new employees in the government Blood donors

4 Screened groups Hemodialysis patients regularly All ICU admissions
All patients undergoing cardiac cath All TB patients All FUO patients STD patients All women undergoing IVF

5 Screened groups HIV patient family members New inmates
Donors and recipients of organs Premarital

6 HIV incidence Year No. Test Pos 85-97 98 99 2000 2001 2002 2003 ---
18609 17755 20853 19850 24578 31554 Pos 138 6 10 7 3 16 8

7 Risk groups Nearly half (85) from blood transfusion before Nov Patients are generally older and mostly diagnosed before 1990. Heterosexual transmission accounts for most of the new cases. Ages 18-45 IVDU is not a major source at present

8 Control Efforts Counseling of patients and their families
Training of HCW e.g. SW, nurses etc Youth education; school curriculum, lectures, workshops etc. Publications for educators and public Utilization of media

9 Medical Care Free medical care, that is easily accessible, is available for all patients Ongoing counseling Confidentiality Drug availability Laboratory support

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