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Ch. 9: Metamorphosis Vocabulary:

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1 Ch. 9: Metamorphosis Vocabulary:
Life cycle, reproduction, metamorphosis, complete metamorphosis, larva, pupa, incomplete metamorphosis, nymph

2 Animal Life Cycles No animal is born as an adult.
All animals go through different stages in their lives, before they become adults. This process is called a lifecycle. Lifecycles begin with birth, or hatching, and end in the death of the animal. When an animal reproduces, the life cycle starts all over again with the new animal. Generally, most animals stay the same shape from birth to young to adult. Mammals, fish, reptiles, and birds all develop this way.

3 Complete Metamorphosis
Some animals, like amphibians and insects, do not look the same as babies as they do as adults. They have what is called a larva stage. Larva are the baby form of an animal that looks different for the adult. Insects go through even one more stage, the pupa. A pupa is a cocoon that insects wrap themselves in in order to change completely from larva to adults.

4 Complete Metamorphosis

5 Incomplete Metamorphosis
Some insects do not go through a complete metamorphosis. The larva they produce sort of look like the adult they will become, but are missing a few body parts (like wings.) Larva in an incomplete metamorphosis are called nymphs. Animals that go through incomplete metamorphosis do not enter a pupa stage. They grow the new body parts under their old skin and then shed their skins when they grow bigger. They will usually stop shedding their skin when they become an adult.

6 Incomplete Metamorphosis

7 Animal Life Cycles For larger versions of the pages located in this power point presentation go to:

8 Questions About Chapter 9
Name two types of animals that go through a complete metamorphosis. What types of animals go through an incomplete metamorphosis? What is the second stage in the life cycle of a butterfly? What is the second stage in the life cycle of a dragonfly?

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