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Animal Life Cycles 7-14-10 9-18-10 11-1-11.

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1 Animal Life Cycles

2 Life Cycles General Life Cycle: Beginning of life
Growth and Development Reproduction Death ***Through reproduction, the cycle can begin again. ***Death can happen at anytime.

3 Complete Metamorphosis
In complete metamorphosis, the young DOES NOT resemble the adult. Metamorphosis- A process of changes in form during an animal’s development Most insects go through complete metamorphosis. Complete Metamorphosis Insects: butterflies, silkworms, mealworms, ladybugs

4 Complete Metamorphosis
ELPA will help ya remember complete metamorphosis: 1. Egg (laid by female animal) 2. Larva (worm-like, doesn’t resemble adult) 3. Pupa (the body changes form here) 4. Adult (fully-grown animal)

5 Butterfly Life Cycle Egg Larva Adult Caterpillar Pupa beginning
of life Larva Growth and Development Adult Reproduction Caterpillar Growth and Development Pupa Growth and Development

6 What About Frogs? Frogs also go through complete metamorphosis, but it’s different from ELPA. Frog life cycle stages: Egg Tadpole (lives in water, breathes with gills) Legs and lungs develop, tail and gills absorbed into body Adult Frog (lives on land)


8 Incomplete Metamorphosis
A few insects (about 10%) go through incomplete metamorphosis. In this type of life cycle, the young resembles the adult. Incomplete Metamorphosis Insects: crickets, grasshoppers

9 Incomplete Metamorphosis
Incomplete Metamorphosis stages Egg (beginning of life) Nymph (growth and development) Adult (reproduction can happen) ***Death can happen anytime. Think ENA, ELPA’s cousin.

10 Complete or Incomplete?
Complete Metamorphosis Incomplete Metamorphosis BIG CHANGE!!!!!! The young DOES NOT resemble the adult. The young looks like a worm. About 90% of insects. 4 stages (egg, larva, pupa, adult) Insects change during pupa stage. NOT SO BIG CHANGE!!!! The young DOES resemble the adult. The young looks like the adult, except it doesn’t have wings. Only about 10% of insects. 3 stages (egg, nymph, adult) Insects change by molting, or shedding exoskeleton.

11 What About Everybody Else?
All animals follow the general life cycle pattern. Reptiles, birds, and fish begin the life cycle as an egg. Mammals begin the life cycle with live birth.

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