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The Water Cycle What is it and how does it work?.

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1 The Water Cycle What is it and how does it work?

2 The Water Cycle Condensation Water Vapor Water Precipitation Evaporation Collection

3 The water cycle begins with water. Water is found in many places. A few of them are as follows: Lakes, rivers, oceans, ponds, puddles, reservoirs, and many other places.

4 The next stage is evaporation. This is a process where the water is heated and turned into a water vapor. The sun is the main heat source for this process.

5 The evaporation of water from those parts of plants that are outside the earth, especially leaves but also stems, flowers and fruits is called transpiration. The amount of water lost by a plant depends on its size, light intensity, temperature, humidity, and other factorsevaporationwaterplantsleaves stemsflowersfruits

6 The next stage is c ondensation. This is where warm and cold air collide and form ice crystals that condense and form droplets of water. These water droplets eventually become too heavy and begin to fall in the form of precipitation.

7 The next stage is Precipitation. This is water falling to the earth in the form of snow, hail, rain or sleet.

8 What happens with rain? -It falls over mountains. Water flows downhill from high places like mountains and hills into streams, then rivers, and finally into the ocean. We call that run-off

9 - Infiltration is the process where water seeps into the ground. Just like a sponge soaks up water, so does the soil. When it rains, some of the water will infiltrate or soak into the soil.

10 The next stage is percolation (also called “groundwater flow or groundwater discharge). Water moves downward from surface water to groundwater The water seeps through the soil and ends up in the water table. It then flows into the streams, lakes, oceans, and other bodies of water. The process is then repeated again and again. surface watergroundwater


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