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Orientation for New Site Visitors Site Visitor Responsibilities, Expenses, and Training.

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1 Orientation for New Site Visitors Site Visitor Responsibilities, Expenses, and Training

2 2 Introduction This presentation will address your responsibilities as a CIDA site visitor, site visit expenses, and the next step in site visitor training. Before participating in a site visit, you should review the training presentations on CIDA’s website, the Site Visitor Handbook, and attend an in-person training workshop.

3 3 Site Visitor Responsibilities Site visitors’ primary responsibilities are:  Gathering evidence related to a program’s compliance with CIDA Standards during a site visit.  Working as a team to analyze a program’s compliance with CIDA Standards.  Documenting the team’s analysis of program compliance with CIDA Standards in the Visiting Team Report (VTR).

4 4 Site Visitor Responsibilities Site visitors are expected to:  Attend at least one site visit to an interior design program annually.  Respond to CIDA staff promptly regarding availability when invited to participate in a site visit.

5 5 Site Visitor Responsibilities Before participating in a site visit, it is important to:  Thoroughly review all materials provided by the CIDA office and the program (self-study report and published materials).  Communicate with the visiting team chair to discuss any questions about the program ’ s self-study Program Analysis Report (PAR) or site visit arrangements.

6 6 Site Visitor Responsibilities During the 4 day site visit, you must:  Attend all scheduled activities and work sessions (personal business can only be taken care of during free time).  Participate in team discussions and work sessions and assist in writing the Visiting Team Report (VTR).

7 7 Site Visitor Responsibilities After the site visit, you must:  Participate in all remaining aspects of the review process.  Provide CIDA staff and team members with current contact information.

8 8 Site Visitor Responsibilities After the on-site review, you must:  Respond to any questions and concerns that emerge during the initial review of the Visiting Team Report (VTR), which is completed by members of the Accreditation Commission and CIDA staff.  Respond to program content concerns after the program reviews the Visiting Team Report (VTR).

9 9 Site Visitor Responsibilities All site visitors are also expected to:  Remain current with CIDA Standards and the accreditation process and procedures.  Participate in site visitor training programs and workshops.  Abide by CIDA policy and procedure.  Provide feedback to the Accreditation Commission and CIDA staff regarding the accreditation process and Standards.

10 10 Site Visitor Responsibilities After each site visit, you will be evaluated by your teammates and the program that you visited. This evaluation helps to ensure that performance issues are addressed as they arise and helps to ensure that site visitors participate and are effective.

11 11 Site Visit Expenses  Programs being visited provide lodging, meals, and ground transportation for team members during a site visit.  Programs should pay these expenses directly.  You should not feel obligated to use personal credit cards for expenses that are the program’s responsibility, but if you do need to use a personal credit card, you will be reimbursed.

12 12 Site Visit Expenses  You should use expense report forms, provided by the CIDA office, to document all reimbursable expenses.  You must save all receipts to submit with the expense report form.  The CIDA office sends reimbursement checks within 1- 2 days of receiving the expense report form.

13 13 Site Visit Expenses Reimbursable site visit expenses include:  Mileage to and from the airport and tolls  Airport parking for days spent traveling for CIDA  Ground transportation to and from your home to the airport  CIDA related local and long distance telephone calls.  CIDA related photocopies or other reproduction charges

14 14 Site Visit Expenses Non-reimbursable site visit expenses include:  Personal phone calls  Internet connection will not be covered by CIDA unless it is necessary for CIDA business - this should be a minimal expense  Lodging and other expenses for personal travel before or after the scheduled site visit dates  Entertainment

15 15 Site Visitor Training  The next step in CIDA’s site visitor training process is attending an in-person workshop.  The next Site Visitor Training Workshop is scheduled on September 10-12, 2010, in Grand Rapids, MI.

16 16 Site Visitor Training Workshop  Both new and experienced site visitors attend training workshops and share information about best practices, dealing with difficult situations on-site, and strategies for reviewing student work.  You will receive a formal invitation from the CIDA office by e-mail.

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