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VISTA Program Overview [insert name of your VISTA Project here]

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1 VISTA Program Overview [insert name of your VISTA Project here]

2 Welcome VISTA Sites  [List the sites/organizations represented here] 2

3 Plan for Today Explore the structure and goals of your VISTA project Find out more about VISTAs Learn what is expected of you as a sub-site supervisor Know how to access people and resources for support 3

4 [insert name of your VISTA Project here] Structure & Goals 4

5 [insert name of your organization] Overview [insert mission of your organization] [insert other key info about your organization] 5

6 Mission of VISTA VISTA builds capacity in nonprofit organizations and communities to help bring individuals and communities out of poverty. 6 Core Principles Ending poverty Empowering communities Building capacity Creating sustainable solutions

7 AmeriCorps VISTA 7

8 8

9 Who are VISTAs? Are at least 18 years old; no upper age limit Are U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents Pass a criminal history review Meet knowledge, skill, and ability requirements set by the sponsoring organization Serve full-time Make a one year commitment 9

10 Who are VISTAs cont. Nationally 81% female 82% born in 1982 or later 93% are experienced volunteers 68% have more than two years of volunteer experience 62% are local recruits 38% are national recruits 10 From: CNCS AmeriCorps VISTA agency data 2011-13

11 Who are VISTA Leaders? VISTA Leaders have already served as a VISTA for one year or more. Projects with 6 or more VISTAs may have a Leader assigned to help support the members Leaders guide data collection & interpret data (but not perform the reporting) They coordinate, facilitate, and support the efforts of VISTAs (but do not supervise) 11

12 VISTA Member Benefits Living allowance Education award or end of service stipend Professional development Health benefits Childcare benefits Housing assistance (optional) Mileage reimbursement for service-related travel 12

13 VISTAs’ Responsibilities Engage in capacity-building activities Create sustainable projects Perform activities outlined in VAD Meet with a supervisor weekly Support efforts to gather data and information 13

14 Capacity Building Direct Service The act of providing services to the identified recipients or clients of a program. vs.

15 [insert name of your VISTA Project] Project Overview Community Need [Insert summary of community need here] Goal Statement [Insert project goal statement here] 15

16 [insert name of your VISTA Project] Performance Measures [Insert performance measure here] To learn more about AmeriCorps VISTA performance measures visit: 16

17 The VISTA Assignment Description (VAD) Position description for each VISTA Describes the VISTA’s role including overarching goal Outlines specific objectives and activities for member’s service year 17

18 Communication & Support 18

19 [insert name of your VISTA Project] Communication Resources Internal Project Site: [add URL for internal project website if you have one] State Page: [add url for CNCS State Office page on VISTA Campus is your state has one] Social Media sites: [add urls or profile information for social media sites] 19

20 [insert your state name] CNCS State Office [insert contact information for your CNCS State Office representative here] Develops, manages and monitors VISTA programs Supports supervision of the VISTAs and intervenes in emergencies or difficult situations Connects you to the resources and offers technical assistance Monitors compliance for the project 20

21 Communication Chain 1) VISTA member goes to immediate supervisor first – Intermediary if applicable 2) CNCS State Office if program related 3) VISTA Headquarters if not resolved

22 [insert name of your VISTA Project] Required Meetings & Trainings Full team Project kick-off Annual fundraiser Quarterly team meeting [insert standing meeting day and time here] Site Supervisors Site supervisors team meeting [insert standing meeting day and time here] Site visits VISTA Members Orientation and training [insert dates and times] Weekly meeting with direct supervisor Quarterly meetings with project director [insert standing meeting day and time here] 22

23 Project & Member Management 23

24 Site Supervisor Expectations: Overview Orient VISTAs Participate in supervisor meetings and site visits conducted by the Intermediary, CNCS State Office, or CNCS Headquarters Dedicate time to meet with your VISTAs each week Serve as supervisor, coach, and mentor to VISTAs Ensure timely submission of member attendance documents & reports Complete end of term evaluation 24

25 Site Supervisor Expectations: Member Management Onboarding, orientation and training Administrative support (space, supplies, equipment) Supervision (guidance, support, coaching) Attendance and leave monitoring Service-related transportation (not commuting) Sponsor Verification Form Emergency Funds Advance, if required Acknowledge members as VISTAs and AmeriCorps as a funder/supporter 25

26 Addressing Member Issues Prohibited activities Replace the duties of an existing staff member Perform political or religious advocacy Take on outside, paying jobs while serving as a VISTA Manage or apply for CNCS grants or sub-grants Other Nepotism Early terminations Removal from project The VISTA Member Support Unit (VMSU) National Service Hotline Toll Free: 800-942-2677 Fax: 703-206-7276 terms-and-conditions

27 Helping Your VISTA What can you do as a VISTA sponsor to support your VISTA member? Housing Food/gifts Clothing/Promotional items (agency logo apparel) Health insurance Ongoing training Be fair and equitable in support to all VISTAs serving with you 27

28 VISTAs and Housing Know your VISTAs’ status (already secured housing or arriving directly from PSO) Advise VISTAs on safe areas to live Ask Board, staff, community for housing leads Offer temporary housing if possible during the search Allow VISTAs time for the search and settling in 28

29 Contacts & Resources Supervisor section VISTA Terms and Conditions Benefits of Service Member Handbook CNCS State Office The VISTA Member Support Unit 29

30 Thank You!

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