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Reproduction and Sexuality. Ground Rules No personal questions of anyone Respect is absolutely mandatory!

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1 Reproduction and Sexuality

2 Ground Rules No personal questions of anyone Respect is absolutely mandatory!

3 In this unit… We will be learning about the functions of the male and female reproductive systems We will talk about why parents choose to have children We will review the events that lead to conception and birth We will cover the birth process We will cover the role relationships have in reproduction and pregnancy

4 What is sexuality? Sexuality is part of human personality, including all aspect of being male or female 4 dimensions Biological Psychological Cultural Ethical

5 Why do we study sexuality? To Understand ourselves Understand others Develop positive decision making skills regarding sexuality Dispel myths and rumors

6 Statistics (MN student survey) Survey

7 Why are families changing? Technology Increased communication tech. Allows families to be apart, yet maintain contact Ease of travel allows people to live farther apart, yet still be an active part of their family

8 Changing societal values Marriage without children Cohabitation Divorce Dual-Career Families

9 Still talking about language Gender Biological basis XY sex chromosomes = males XX sex chromosomes = female Gender role development We learn about the roles of males and females by observing the people who surround us

10 Parents and other relatives People on TV People in Movies People in Books and Magazines

11 Gender stereotypes Definition: A generalized notion of what a person is like based on only that person’s gender Ways they can be harmful: Limit a person’s opportunities Make a person question their sexuality Influence people’s behavior in an inappropriate manner

12 Before we can continue… We need to know about our Endocrine System Get a red book, and fill out the worksheet with a partner

13 Male Reproductive System Hormones and puberty Puberty begins when the pituitary gland sends a chemical message to the testes = make lots of testosterone

14 Testosterone = changes in sexual characteristics Changes in the Primary Sex Characteristics External and internal sex organs increase in size and maturity Development of Secondary Sexual Characteristics Increase in bone density Increase in muscle mass Deepening of the voice Increase of metabolism

15 Increase in pubic/body hair Legs Armpits Face Groin/scrotum Chest

16 Other types of growth occur during puberty Emotional Social Spiritual Morals and ethics Mental

17 The male reproductive system External Penis Male organ of sexual pleasure, reproductions, and urination Scrotum Holds and protects the testes; regulates temperature of the testes

18 Internal Urethra Goes from the bladder to the outside world Passageway for urine and semen Vas Deferens Long thin cord that connect the testicles to the urethra

19 Prostate Gland under the bladder and surround the urethra Gives sperm a protein shake like fluid Seminal Vesicles Small glands that give sperm a “Power Bar” Testes (factory) The two male gonads inside the scrotum Secrete testosterone and produce sperm

20 Epididymis Where sperm matures Comma-shaped structures found on the back surfaces of the testes

21 Sperm Development and Delivery Sperm growth begins in the testes Sperm reaches maturity in the epididymis Sperm production begins ~ 12 Average male produces ~ 150 million sperm/day The role of the sperm cell is to carry the father’s ½ of the genetic material to the egg

22 Sperm Production Sperm is produced in the testicles From here it moves to the vas deferens where fluids are added to form semen. The fluid from the seminal vesicles = 60% of the semen This gives energy

23 Cowper’s gland This adds fluid to lubricate the urethra The prostate gland produces a fluid that protects the sperm as it travels through the female reproductive tract

24 Ejaculation This is the ejection of the semen from the penis. When the semen enters the female, the sperm “swim” upward using their tails. Sperm can survive in the female body for several days

25 If every dot was a sperm cell…

26 Erections An erection occurs when the penis fills with blood making it stiff and erect. Humans are a minority, they don’t have a penis bone.

27 Nocturnal emissions Wet dreams It is normal for these to happen, and it is normal for these not to happen.

28 Keeping the reproductive system healthy Cleanliness Protection and prevention Tight clothing – avoid Any signs of pain when urinating, unusual discharges, or sores require medical examination. Testicles should be examined monthly for cancer

29 Disorders of the Male Reproductive System Sterility Undescended Testes Inguinal Hernia Enlarged prostate Cancer of the Prostate and Testes

30 Write 2 sentences describing your assigned disorder

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