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March 6.

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1 March 6

2 Welcome ASL 1 (10 min.) Doorbuster: Please copy all notes below:
1.Signer’s Perspective- When you are watching someone sign, if they place an object to their right, it appears to be on your left- but it is translated as “on the right”. 2.Think of the signer’s point of view/perspective. 3.When giving directions--- a right turn vs. a left turn is based on how the signer sees it, not from your perspective. Finished? The teacher should see you copying the signs to the right, or signing with someone--

3 Shapes Activity-signer’s perspective (15 min.)
Have your comp. book out (or a sheet of paper) In teams, you each need a set of shapes-(from the teacher) and hide them from the others. Take turns- draw/trace your shape in space with your pointing/index fingers– the others draw it on their paper. Then, show your shape- did they get it right? Eg. If you drew this shape in space, did they draw the arrow pointing to the right like it should be?

4 Charades Instructions---(10 min.)
Have your Lists open (from in your comp. books). You may choose old or new lists. Choose a sign and act it out while sitting down (or briefly stand if you need to do so). Whoever signs it first gets a point! Now, they get to act out a word. Who can get the most points before time is up???

5 ASL 1-Today: Doorbuster Substitute introductions Shapes Activity
Charades in teams Reflection Video- Deaf People Do Have Interesting Jobs Part 1 – (4:27) WSQ—Watch, Summarize (1-2 sentences of what you saw), Question (write a question, comment, thought, observation about the video) Ticket Out- pack up, sit down, then flashcards to the bell (last 3-5 min.)

6 Welcome ASL 2- (15 min.) Doorbuster- Please copy all notes below:
Circumlocution---To talk around the word- to use words/signs you know to communicate what you do not know. If you could travel to a Deaf country, you would want to use circumlocution to sign what you do not know. Examples: WEEKEND if you don’t know this sign? Use Circumlocution- sign: YOU KNOW, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY. RESTAURANT- use Circumlocution- sign: YOU KNOW, FOOD WANT, GO SIT, BOOK-OPEN, FOOD PICK, EAT Finished? Copy signs to the right/sign to someone…

7 Circumlocution Activity- 15 min.
In teams, each person should have a set of English words- hide these from each other. Take turns- when it is your turn, choose one of your words- then use any signs and gestures to communicate the word, without using the actual sign for the word! The first person to figure out the word and sign it (or fingerspell it) wins! Now, it is the winner’s turn. Keep track of how many wins you each have- who can win the most before time runs out?

8 ASL 2- Today: Doorbuster Substitute Introductions
Activity: circumlocution activity in teams- guessing game Reflection video WSQ: The Deaf Community (6:05) WSQ—Watch, Summarize (1-2 sentences of what you saw), Question (write a question, comment, thought, observation about the video) Ticket Out- Unit A signs

9 Welcome ASL 3- Today: 1. Doorbuster: Stand up (5 min.)– and Find 5- ask 5 questions and answer 5 questions- each to a different person 2. Timed Signing- (20 min.) have fun, and remember to record your times in the ASL 3 Notebook log -you may select from the list of topic ideas (in the ASL 3 Notebook), or whatever is on your mind. 3. Time to work on your PSA projects Ticket Out– flashcards (or story, video online)

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