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Handbook for Local Government Leaders LAUNCH 14 May 2012 Bonn.

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1 Handbook for Local Government Leaders LAUNCH 14 May 2012 Bonn

2 2 The Handbook for Local Leaders A practical guidance for implementing DRR Why invest in DRR? Building the case- policy options What are the 10 essenthials? Strategies and key actions, critical and interdependent for building resilience: Why, What and Examples from cities tials? How to implement the 10 essentials? Strategic planning principles, phases and key steps- resourcing options Annexes: Campaign partners, LG-SAT, list of Tools and Resources- City examples- in support of Ten Essentials


4 LEADERSHIP Governor Joey Salceda, Albay Province, Philippines Disaster risk reduction is an investment If disasters dont occur, then DRR builds capability (no regrets). If disasters occur, then less casualty and less economic damages. It reduces risks, and therefore increases business returns and economic welfare. 4


6 Disaster occurrence on the rise…

7 Kobe City- complex urban systems Exposure….

8 Chapter 2 WHAT? Critical strategies, actions, city examples

9 9 Ten Essentials for Making Cities Resilient 1. Organisation and coordination: Build local alliances 2. Assign a budget for disaster risk reduction and provide incentives 3. Maintain uptodate data on hazards and vulnerabilities, prepare risk assessments and use these as the basis for plans and decisions. 4.Invest in and maintain critical infrastructure that reduces risk 5. Assess the safety of all schools and health facilities 6. Apply and enforce realistic, riskcompliant building regulations and land use planning principles… safe land for lowincome citizens 7. Ensure that education programmes and training on disaster risk reduction are in place 8. Protect ecosystems and natural buffers to mitigate floods, storm surges and other hazards to. Adapt to climate change 9. Install early warning systems and emergency management capacities..hold regular preparedness drills 10. After any disaster, ensure that the needs of the affected population are placed at the centre of reconstruction

10 Sichuan, China- resilient recovery post earthquake


12 Chapter 3 HOW? Steps and phases, apply in strategic planning Financing options


14 Resilient SF San Fransisco, Cal.

15 Annexes: Sharing tools and experience City-to-city learning

16 Local Government Self Assessment Tool 2011: Design-10 essentials, tested in 25 cities from 17 countries. 2012: Roll-out of LG-SAT – support local gap analysis and priority setting (and National HFA monitor)

17 World Disaster Reduction Campaign – 2010-2015 Making Cities Resilient: My City is Getting Ready! Objective Achieve resilient, sustainable urban communities through actions taken by local governments to reduce disaster risk Know More Invest Wisely Build More Safely



20 Handbook- Ten Essentials (Why? What? How? Tools) Local Government Self Assessment Tool Website- resources, city tools, learning.

21 Sign-up My city is getting ready! You find the HANDBOOK here

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