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GLeon Ad hoc Mendota Modeling Researchers

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1 GLeon Ad hoc Mendota Modeling Researchers
Tim Kratz, Paul Hanson, David Hamilton, Matt Hipsey, Evelyn Gaiser, Trina McMahon, David Motta Marques, Stefan Bertilsson, Chin Wu, Todd Miller, Kevin Rose, Yvonne Hseih, Emily Kara, Lucas Beversdorf, Luke Winslow, Cayelan Carey GLAMMR GLeon Ad hoc Mendota Modeling Researchers


3 Timeline July 2009: Diverse group of modelers, physical limnologists, ecologists, and microbiologists descend on Trout Lake Station for one week 5 days later…. Mendota is modeled Fall 2009: calibrate, validate, and explore science questions

DYRESM (1D) or ELCOM (3D) with CAEDYM 2008 GLEON meteorological and water quality driver data NTL LTER chemical and biological data USGS DYRESM is a 1D hydrodynamic model predicting temperature, salinity and density- computational requirements modest ELCOM is a 3d hydrodynamic model


6 Science Questions What are the primary controls on cyanobacterial bloom dynamics? Which features of model output can inform our understanding of microbial community dynamics? Emergent properties of the model?

7 More Questions… Lake-wide responses to long-term climate change
How will trophic cascade respond to fluctuations in climate? Are lakes Ahrrenius? Metabolic theory of ecology? System level feedbacks might make the ecosystem behave differently than we expect? Toxin genes related to stoichiometry Toxin genes related to toxin concentration

8 DYRESM Simulations

9 Model Output Simulated Observed Temperature

10 Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L)
Simulated Observed Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L)

11 Simulated Observed Chlorophyll-a

12 Simulated Phytoplankton Succession

13 ELCOM Simulations





18 A different way of doing science

19 Future aims: setting up DYRESM CAEDYM for other GLEON lakes

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