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99 participants 43 First Time 29 students 36 female, 63 male 6 continents Africa Asia Europe North America Australia/NZ South America Australia Brazil.

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1 99 participants 43 First Time 29 students 36 female, 63 male 6 continents Africa Asia Europe North America Australia/NZ South America Australia Brazil Canada Chile China Denmark Estonia Germany Ireland New Zealand Sweden Taiwan Tanzania Turkey United Kingdom United States Welcome to GLEON 9!!! GLEON 8 in New Zealand

2 Progress since GLEON 8 in New Zealand Steering Committee topics Breakout Groups Goals/Challenges for this meeting

3 Progress since GLEON 8 GLEON Student Association –29 students at this meeting –Physical limnology with media workshops yesterday –GLEON grad students helped with NSF-invited GLEON exhibit at AAAS annual meeting –Students involved in cross-GLEON projects –3 student exchanges since NZ (U. of Waikato, and U. of Wisconsin) Note for US students: NSF EAPSI Program: deadline 8 Dec 2009 Countries involved: Australia, China, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore or Taiwan (

4 Progress Since GLEON 8 (cont.) Information Technology –DataTurbine being field tested –Antarctic Dry Valley Lakes data available via GLEON web site –Lake Analyzer program used by Climate/lake mixing group –Controlled Vocabulary finalized –Data Access policy in draft –Website overhaul –Independently developed iPhone app for Lake Mendota buoy data

5 Progress since GLEON 8 (cont.) Membership growth: –169 individual members (increase of 34 since New Zealand) –24 site members (increase of 2 since New Zealand) New GLEON Brochure GLEON was part of NSF promotion at 2009 AAAS annual meeting GLEON involved in PASEO project in Argentina (March 2009) GLEON/PRAGMA collaboration in remote sensing GLEON Documentary to aired on UCSD TV and UC-TV (dvds available upon request) CI-team: developed web page interface for GLEON/citizen scientists

6 Progress since GLEON 8 (cont.) Newly funded initiatives Environmental Aquatic Resource Sensing IGERT to Craig Williamson, Mike Vanni, Darren Bade et al. U. of Miami-Ohio and Kent State U. CDI award to Paul Hanson et al. U of Wisconsin. Virtual Observatory and Ecological Informatics Observatory. Susan Hendricks et al. Murray State U. and U. of Montana Carbon balance and CO 2 exchange in lakes and streams: Integrating entire watersheds. Peter Staehr and Kaj Sand-Jensen. Univ. of Copenhagen Terrestrial carbon in aquatic ecosystems: experimental tests of the subsidy-stability hypothesis. Jay Lennon and Stuart Jones. Michigan State U.

7 Progress since GLEON 8 (cont.) Workshops PASEO workshop/course: Tom Harmon et al. Bahia Blanca, Argentina: March 2009 Respiration around the world: Chris Solomon et al. Madison: 25-27 May 2009 GLAMMR: Modeling Lake Mendota: Paul Hanson et al. Trout Lake: July 2009

8 Progress Since GLEON 8(cont.) Publications Carlos R. Fragoso Jr., David M.L. Motta Marquesa, Walter Collischonna, Carlos E.M. Tucci, Egbert H. van Nesb. 2008. Modelling spatial heterogeneity of phytoplankton in Lake Mangueira, a large shallow subtropical lake in South Brazil. Ecological Modelling 219:125–137. Carlos R. Fragoso, Jr., Egbert H. van Nes, Jan H. Janse, David da Motta Marques. 2009. IPH-TRIM3D-PCLake: A three-dimensional complex dynamic model for subtropical aquatic ecosystems. Environmental Modelling & Software 24:1347–1348. Baastrup-Spohr, L and Staehr P.A. (2009) Surface microlayers on temperate lowland lakes. Hydrobiologia. 625:43-59. Sand-Jensen K. and Staehr P.A. (2009) Net heterotrophy in small Danish lakes: A widespread feature over gradients in trophic status and land cover Ecosystems. 12: 336-348.

9 Progress Since GLEON 8 (cont.) Publications (cont.) Gaiser, E., N. Deyrup, R. Bachmann, L. Battoe, and H. Swain. 2009. Multidecadal climate oscillations detected in a transparency record from a subtropical Florida lake. Limnology and Oceanography. 54: 2228-2232. Porter, J. C., E. Nagy, P. C. Hanson, T. K. Kratz, S. Collins and P. Arzberger. 2009. New eyes on the world: advanced sensors for ecology. BioScience 59:385-397. Gaiser, E., R. Bachmann, L. Battoe, N. Deyrup and H. Swain. 2009. Effects of climate variability on transparency and thermal structure in subtropical, monomictic Lake Annie, Florida. Fundamental and Applied Limnology. In Press. Staehr, P.A., Sand-Jensen, K., Raun, A.L., Nielsson, B. and J. Kidmose. (2009). Drivers of metabolism and net heterotrophy in contrasting lakes. Limnology and Oceanography. Accepted. Shade, A., C.C. Carey, E. Kara, S. Bertilsson, K.D. McMahon, and M. Smith. 2009. Can the black box be cracked? The augmentation of microbial ecology by high-resolution, automated sensing instruments. ISME journal.

10 Progress Since GLEON 8 (cont.) Publications (cont.) Benson, B. J., B. J. Bond, M. P. Hamilton, R. K. Monson, and R. Han. In press. Perspectives on next generation technology for environmental sensor networks. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. Hanson, P.C., D.P. Hamilton, E.H. Stanley, N. Preston, O.C. Langman. /In review/. Fate of organic carbon pulses to temperate lakes. J. Geophys. Res. Biogeosciences. Pierson, D.C., G. Weyhenmeyer, L. Arvola, T. Blenckner, T. Kratz, G. Marzec, K. Weathers, and others(?) (in internal review). An automated method to monitor the onset and loss of lake ice cover.

11 Steering Committee Meeting Topics Diversity/Rotation of Steering Committee members Future meeting schedule: frequency and type. Data Access Policy Future funding opportunities GLEON/PRAGMA interactions Networking Partnership Program Eleanor Jennings Ireland Evelyn Gaiser USA David Motta-Marques Brazil New Members Susan Hendricks USA

12 Breakout Groups Information Technology: Fang-Pang Lin, Barbara Benson Microbes: Stephan Bertilsson, Trina McMahon Domains of control: Eleanor Jennings, Don Pierson Metabolism: Chris Solomon, Peter Staehr, Susan Hendricks Physics/climate: David Hamilton, Ian Jones Others???

13 Goals for this meeting Learn about new initiatives/activities Make progress on existing projects Look for opportunities to develop new science/technology Keep GLEON at cutting edge of science/networking

14 Agenda Tuesday 13 October 2009 08.30-09.10Welcome, logistics and updates (Leadership Center) 09.10-10.15Cool things with GLEON data (Students) 10.15-10.45Break 10.45-12.15Cool things with GLEON data continues 12.15-13.30Lunch in Nash Lodge (network partnership partners meet) 13.30-13.45Introduction to working groups 13.45-15.30Working groups meet 15.30-16.00Break (set up posters) 16.00-18.00Poster session/social (Schwartz Lodge) 18.00Dinner in Nash Lodge 19.30Unstructured time

15 Agenda (cont.) Wednesday 14 October 2009 07.30Breakfast in Nash Lodge 08.30-10.15Spillover of Cool Things/working group meetings (Leadership Center) 10.15-10.45Break 10.45-12.00Working groups meet 12.00-13.30Lunch in Nash Lodge 13.30-15.00Working groups meet 15.00-15.30Break 15.00-17.30Unstructured time: ad hoc group meetings 18.00Dinner in Nash Lodge 19.00Entertainment: folk band with square dancing (Leadership Center, upstairs)

16 Agenda (cont.) Thursday 15 October 2009 07.30Breakfast in Nash Lodge 08.30-9.00IT demo 09.00-9.30Invited speaker from NSF??? 09.30-10.15 Discussion of local, regional and global funding opportunities 10.15-10.45Break 10.45-12.00Working groups meet 12.00-13.30Lunch in Nash Lodge (Steering Committee meeting) 13.30-14.30Formal reports from working groups 14.30-15.15Report from Steering Committee and open discussion; preview of GLEON 10 (David da Motta Marques) 15.15-15.30Fill out GLEON 9 feedback survey 15:30Meet at Leadership Center and load buses for field trip 18.00Social (cash bar)/Dinner at Little Bohemia

17 One more thing…. Meet people Talk science Have Fun!

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