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Date Coordinator Name(s) Other Leadership Name(s) ABC Coalition Clean Cities Re-designation.

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1 Date Coordinator Name(s) Other Leadership Name(s) ABC Coalition Clean Cities Re-designation

2 Presentation Team Coordinator Other staff Board or Steering Committee Members Host agency management (if not an independent non-profit) Stakeholders 2

3 Coalition Status Update 3 (See the Re-designation Guide for more details) Have there been any significant changes to the coalition structure, governance, leadership or financial situation since the last re- designation? e.g., major stakeholder additions, coordinator or Board changes, changes in dues structure or funding sources If so, describe the changes and the impact they’ve had on the coalition’s activities. Is the coalition financially sustainable, and do you expect to be financially sustainable over the next 3 years?

4 Successes, Opportunities, Challenges 4 Discuss the coalition’s greatest successes since the last re-designation. What factors have played the biggest role in these successes? Describe the coalition’s greatest challenges. What are the steps the coalition is taking to overcome these challenges? Describe the coalition’s greatest opportunities. How will you capitalize on these during the next 3 years?

5 Goal Achievement 5 Looking at the goals set during the last re-designation, Which goals were you able to achieve and why? Which goals have not yet been achieved and why? Has anything changed that caused you to reevaluate your goals? How has your vision for the coalition changed over the past 3 years? Is the coalition where you thought it would be?

6 Goals for the Next 3 Years 6 What are the coalition’s goals for the next 3 years? How did you arrive at these goals?

7 Re-designation Letter Follow-up 7 Has the coalition implemented the recommendations DOE made in its last re-designation approval letter? Why or why not? Briefly discuss each of DOE’s recommendations and how the coalition has addressed them.

8 Current Petroleum Displacement Projects Since the coalition’s last re-designation, Show petroleum displacement trends (last 4 years). What new petroleum displacement projects have been undertaken? What projects have or haven’t worked and why? What would you have done differently? 8

9 Petroleum Displacement: the Next 3 Years 9 What new projects are planned, and what existing projects can be expanded in the future? Describe key projects and stakeholder involvement in each. o Clean Cities has a goal of increasing petroleum displacement by at least 15% per year. How many GGEs does a 15% increase represent for your coalition? How much displacement, in GGEs, can be expected from each project?

10 Outreach and Education Projects Since the coalition’s last re-designation, Describe the coalition’s 3 most successful outreach efforts undertaken. Describe any new approaches taken for targeting different audiences. What has/hasn’t worked and why? What would you do differently? What do you have planned for the next 3 years? 10

11 Stakeholder/Board Involvement 11 How is the coalition currently utilizing stakeholders’ and Board members’ talents and resources? How involved are the stakeholders? What roles do they take on? Where is stakeholder involvement lacking or most needed? What are the Board members’ primary contributions? Describe your strategies for getting the coalition’s stakeholders and Board members more actively involved with the coalition. Have Board members received, or are there plans for them to receive, training on serving on a Board?

12 Partnerships with DOE 12 Which DOE efforts have been successful in helping the coalition achieve its goals, and why have they worked? What can DOE, its labs and contractors do, or do differently to help the coalition achieve its goals? What tools and information resources will be critical to your success? What technical or policy barriers should DOE know about? What types of training do the coordinator, board members and stakeholders need to be successful?

13 Partnerships with Other Coalitions, Business and Industry Describe any new partnerships the coalition has entered into since its last re-designation. Have these partnerships been productive? Why or why not? What are the coalition’s plans for establishing future partnerships? With whom? What government, business or industry associations can you work with, that you have not worked with yet? How will the coalition attract and engage new members? 13

14 Coalition Feedback 14 What other issues or projects would you like DOE to know about? Discuss any other suggestions or ideas you have for DOE, its labs and contractors. In what areas could your coalition’s experience help other coalitions?

15 In Summary Summarize the coalition’s case for re-designation. Include any additional information or novel ideas. 15

16 Thank you! 16

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