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The Challenge …30 000 children die each day due to poverty.

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2 The Challenge


4 …30 000 children die each day due to poverty


6 …1 000 000 000 people lack access to safe drinking water


8 …820 000 000 people are under nourished

9 “…poverty is not natural. It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings.” Nelson Mandela “…mankind cannot solve problems by thinking in the same mindset that created them.” Albert Einstein

10 A world where access to technology of infrastructure is not a barrier to poverty alleviation. Our Vision To Facilitate Human Development Through Engineering Our Mission

11 Our Aims 1. Inspire and prepare the next generation. 2. Strengthen the capacity of institutes overseas. 3. Assist international development organizations. 4. Support SME and social enterprise.

12 Our Aims 1. Inspire and prepare the next generation. Raise an understanding of the role of technology and infrastructure. Provide the key skills, experiences and opportunities required. Support entry into international development. Foster an active community.

13 Our Aims 2. Strengthen the capacity of institutes overseas. Promote investment in science and technology education. Engage local students, academics and researchers. Support global knowledge exchange and skills sharing.

14 Our Aims 3. Assist international development organizations. Facilitate technical assistance to local government, NGOs and CBOs. Promote access to local experts and scientific publishing. Promote the development of high quality services and standards. Enable greater access to financial capital.


16 Our Approach Holistic engineering People participation Small footprint Appropriate technology Active partnerships

17 Our Scope Focus on Poverty Alleviation Reducing Vulnerability to Disaster Sustainable Development Approach Focus on Age Group of 16 – 25 Maintain Strong Ties With Alumni and Senior Members UK and all Low Income Countries UK Based Organisation

18 Our Structure Branches National Team National Coordinator

19 Our Communities of Practice

20 Our Programmes

21 Training Education Placements Research Bursaries Outreach

22 What is Outreach? Outreach is an effort by individuals in an organization or group to connect its ideas or practices to the efforts of other organizations, groups, specific audiences or the general public. Outreach often takes on an educational component Outreach strategies are linked to the organization's mission, and define targets, goals, and milestones.

23 Why is it important? To society. To organisations. To EWB-UK.

24 Reason for creating a strategy To define an achievable long term goal. By providing direction and guidance. That will be a key factor in the projects success.

25 Strategy goals Create a 5 year vision. Unite the Outreach efforts of EWB-UK’s branches and divisions towards a common direction. Understand stakeholder needs. Create a roadmap for delivery. Create enthusiasm for EWB-UK, the Outreach program and the delivery of the strategy. Create an understanding and flavour of the operational activities of the EWB-UK Outreach program.

26 Outputs from the workshop Measures of success. A booklet explaining the Outreach vision and 5 year roadmap. A set of storyboards that will create the theme for each page of the booklet. Ultimate output Booklet: 12 months before updated, similar to EWB-UK 5 year strategy, 12 pages max. Revised summary page for EWB-UK 5 year strategy booklet.

27 Why EWB-UK exists. What its mission, aims and goals are. How it is structured. Why Outreach is important. Where it fits into EWB-UK. Summary

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