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The Clinton/New Democrat Path

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1 The Clinton/New Democrat Path
Creating a Third Way The Clinton/New Democrat Path to Victory in 1992 Presentation by Al From The Democratic Leadership Council Little Rock, Arkansas January 30, 2003

2 Redefining Democrats In 1992, Bill Clinton was faced with a dying Democratic Party. By redefining it, he not only won the White House, but rescued his party. Along the way, Clinton and the DLC shaped a political philosophy and governing agenda – the Third Way – that redefined and re-invigorated progressive parties all over the world.

3 The DLC/Clinton Strategy
Reality Therapy The Philosophy – The New Orleans Declaration The Governing Agenda – the New Choice Resolutions The Market Test – The 1992 Primaries

4 Reality Therapy “The Democratic Party’s 1988 defeat demonstrated that the party’s problems would not disappear, as many had hoped, once Ronald Reagan left the White House. Without a charismatic President to blame for their ills, Democrats must come face to face with reality: too many Americans have come to see the party as inattentive to their economic interests, indifferent if not hostile to their moral sentiments and ineffective in defense of their national security.” -- Bill Galston and Elaine Kamarck The Politics of Evasion: Democrats and the Presidency

5 The Politics of Evasion
The Myth of Liberal Fundamentalism The Myth of Mobilization The Myth of the Congressional Bastion

6 From 1968-1988 Republicans Dominated the White House
The GOP Lock From Republicans Dominated the White House

7 Presidential Elections
The GOP Lock:

8 Losing the Middle Class
Percentage of Electorate Won by Democrat

9 A Changing America

10 How Our Country Changed in the Past Two Decades
A Different America How Our Country Changed in the Past Two Decades More Affluent More Educated More Suburban More Diverse More Wired More Two Parent Working Families More Non-Factory Jobs More Job Churning More Aged More Boomers More Moderates and Independents

Industrial Era Working Class Information Age Rising Learning Class

12 Campaign Premises Message Matters.
In the Information Age, winning coalitions are built around ideas, not interests. The key to winning Presidential elections is not just maximizing your strengths; it’s removing obstacles that prevent people from voting for you.

13 A Message Campaign Because President Clinton believed that
Presidential campaigns should be about what a candidate would do as President, we spent his time as DLC chairman developing our agenda, not traditional organizing or fundraising. During that period we shaped the New Democrat Philosophy.

14 The New Democrat Approach
The Philosophy and Governing Agenda

15 The New Democrat Approach
New Democrats are the modernizers of the Democratic Party We further our party’s enduring values with new and innovative ideas

16 The Traditions We Honor
Jefferson’s belief in individual liberty and the capacity for self government Jackson’s credo of equal opportunity for all, special privileges for none Roosevelt’s thirst for innovation Kennedy’s summons to civic duty Clinton’s insistence upon new means to achieve progressive ideals

17 New Democrat Philosophy
Core Principles Opportunity & Growth Global Outlook The New Democrat Philosophy Traditional Values Mutual Responsibility Empowering Government

18 New Democrat Ideas National Service Earned Income Tax Credit
Welfare Reform Fiscal Discipline Investment in People and Technology Expanded Trade Community Policing Charter Schools Reinventing Government

19 The Clinton Reversal Picking the GOP Lock

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