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Inter-Agency Child Protection Information Management System (IA CP IMS) January 2012 1.

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1 Inter-Agency Child Protection Information Management System (IA CP IMS) January

2 2 Goal and Objectives Goal: To have an integrated inter-agency child protection information management system that facilitates case management and data analysis of children with specific vulnerabilities. Objectives: Promote compatibility across child protection programs and agencies in managing information on children Improve timeliness of response (assessing, addressing and making referrals) to vulnerable children Invest in one standard tool used by multiple child protection actors, in multiple countries. Facilitate the effective and safe use of information to measure, advocate for and monitor children’s protection on a larger scale.

3 3 central components 3 standard set of forms Data Protection and Information Sharing protocols Database What constitutes the IA CP IMS?

4 Who populates the data Each country/agency –Is responsible for collecting, entering and managing their CP IMS. –Has administrative rights to customize the forms and database to the needs of the program. Encrypted/partial data can be shared across agencies for transfers, referrals or reporting 4

5 5 Case Management Stores detailed information on children in separate “case files” that can be adjusted and edited as the child’s case progresses over time. Organizes children’s information in a coherent and accessible way. Reminds case workers of tasks that are due or over-due for each child, ensuring timely management and follow-up. Indicates the status / progress of each child’s case, allowing case workers to quickly identify children who continue to remain vulnerable, allowing case managers to prioritize actions related to follow-up and referral of children. Allows social workers to transfer out electronic case files to other organizations (as needed) and to receive electronic case files from organizations (as needed)

6 6 Family Tracing and Reunification Records children who are unaccompanied or separated in emergency settings in a systematic way Records children who are reported missing by their parents or other adult (caregiver) in a systematic way. Facilitates instantaneous matching of records between like databases and allows for identification of missing/separated children Informs child protection workers of children’s cases pending successful family tracing and reunification

7 7 Customization Allows database administrators complete flexibility, discretion and autonomy to design the database to meet the needs of their specific program (without having to adhere to a prescribed set of data points that may be inadequate or inappropriate for the context in which the IMS is being used). Can add, delete or edit any of the following: –Forms to be included in case load files –Questions to be included on the form (including type of response requested; order of questions; whether a question is mandatory or not, etc) –Language used by database operators (English and French – in 2011/12 Spanish and Arabic versions will also be available) Allows users to use the tool in emergency contexts, development contexts or both (across the continuum of care) Facilitates collaboration among partner agencies using the database in a country (or region) in that it reflects the data agreed upon by all participants, rather than reflecting only information from a template or single agency form (which may not be adequate or appropriate for other agencies).

8 8 Data Protection and Security Allows for different levels of user permission / access to information stored within the database, as well as the ability to alter the database backend, share case file information and run reports. Gives a different password to each user, who has distinct user rights, as determined by the database administrator. Encrypts each child record to allow for the electronic transfer of files from one database to another. Stores data protection requirements specific to each child (based upon informed consent) and is associated with his/her file within the database Provides safeguard measures (flags /warnings) when user attempts to export/transfer information which should remain confidential (according to specific data protection requirements of each child).

9 9 Data Analysis Analyzes trends in data over time to inform program design, strategy and resource allocation Generates reports in graph and table format which are automatically updated as data is entered into the database Generates lists with partial or all the information to promote a more coordinated response Can extract reports into excel format for ease of sharing with partners who may not have CPD system

10 CP IMS in use Case studies: Sri Lanka –Data analysis used to review program design and advocate for release of children Ethiopia –Registered child information used to protect child against child marriage 10

11 New features developed in 2011 include: –List of overdue tasks –Customizable phonetic search for children in database to reduce double counting –Customize time scale targets for each individual child –Synchronization between different languages –Encrypt sensitive information when exporting 11 New Features

12 Future Activities TOT training Compatibility with other IMSs –Excel –GBVIMS –ProGres4 –MRM –RapidFTR Move to web-based system Viewing restrictions on case files 12

13 Training on IA CP IMS Focus on: –Role of lead agency –Coordination –Purpose of CP IMS for CP program –How to use CP IMS Collecting data Data analysis –Database and customization is the last part of the training –CP as well as database staff at training 13

14 Training Outline Background of the IA CP IMS Determining whether CP IMS is necessary Setting up a CP IMS –Coordination –Case Management customization Using the database Ethical guidelines – confidentiality and BIC 14

15 Any Questions? 15

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