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Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys Survey Design Workshop

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1 Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys Survey Design Workshop
Using GPS to collect cluster locations MICS4 Survey Design Workshop

2 MICS4 Survey Design Workshop
What is GPS GPS is a satellite-based navigation system A GPS unit determines its position using satellites that orbit the earth. Each satellite’s position, as well as the current time, is transmitted via radio signals. The GPS unit receives these signals and uses them to calculate its position in terms of latitude, longitude, and altitude There is a variety of GPS brands and models Recommended model for use in MICS surveys is GARMIN ETREX GPS MICS4 Survey Design Workshop

3 Why use GPS to collect cluster locations
Permits linking of additional data to MICS data through geographic links E.g. Census data, facility data, other geo-located data Permits geographic grouping of data beyond region E.g. Climactic zones, agricultural zones, etc. Permits mapping of sample clusters E.g. with DevInfo MICS4 Survey Design Workshop

4 Examples of what GPS data can bring to MICS
Source: DHS studies MICS4 Survey Design Workshop

5 Decision Process for GPS Data Collection Method
Using pre-existing GPS data Ex. using Geo-referenced Census GPS coordinates can be acquired before the survey or listing (after EA selection) Collection of GPS during listing If not talk to the survey manager to discuss possible options (strong recommendation to collect GPS data during listing activities) MICS4 Survey Design Workshop

6 GPS Collection Process
The GPS collection teams collect one waypoint (location) for each assigned cluster The waypoints are captured as close to the geographic center of the cluster as possible Saved information are waypoint name (cluster number), latitude, longitude, and altitude to the GPS unit These information should also be written down on GPS form that will serve as a paper back-up if any digital data in the GPS unit is lost or corrupted MICS4 Survey Design Workshop

7 MICS4 Survey Design Workshop
GPS Collection Teams GPS data collection may be incorporated into different phases of survey: If the GPS units are used to update the sample frame, then listing teams are responsible for collecting the GPS data GPS data collection may also take place during interviews, in which case one person on a team may be responsible for collecting the GPS waypoints MICS4 Survey Design Workshop

8 MICS4 Survey Design Workshop
How to use GPS Finding a “Good” Location to Collect a GPS Waypoint Activate GPS Identify and mark location (“waypoint”) Record location on form MICS4 Survey Design Workshop

9 1. Finding a “Good” Location to Collect a GPS Waypoint
Find a place with a clear unobstructed view of the sky First Choice: Geographic center of the populated settlement area of the cluster Second Choice: Open area near the center, or on top of a building in the center The first step is to identify where you will collect the point. As you remember, the less obstructions in the sky, the more satellites the receiver can pick up, and the more accurate the coordinate. First attempt to collect a point in the geographic centre of the cluster. If near the centre of the cluster does not provide adequate coverage, then find another location near the centre of the cluster in an open area or on the top of a building near the centre of the cluster. If it is not possible to find a clear view of the sky, then walk until you can find an adequate view of the sky. MICS4 Survey Design Workshop

10 MICS4 Survey Design Workshop
2. Activate Garmin Turn on the Garmin. Once it has locked into enough satellites then press the Page button until you reach the MENU screen and select MARK. [Read Slide] MICS4 Survey Design Workshop

11 MICS4 Survey Design Workshop
3. Assign Cluster Number Highlight the Waypoint ID Enter in the Cluster Number Waypoint ID Coordinate Each cluster will be assigned a GPS ID equal to the number of the cluster. You will need to enter this ID in the waypoint screen when you capture a point. Highlight the waypoint number in the flag, press the enter key and enter in the facility ID. MICS4 Survey Design Workshop

12 MICS4 Survey Design Workshop
4. Complete GPS Form Complete the GPS Form Highlight OK and click Enter The coordinates displayed will be recorded in the GPS Form. MICS4 Survey Design Workshop

13 MICS4 Survey Design Workshop
GEOGRAPHIC POSITIONING SYSTEM FORM GP GP1. Cluster number: ___ ___ ___ GP2. Area: Urban 1 Rural 2 GP3. Region: Region 1 1 Region 2 2 Region 3 3 Region 4 4 GP4. Operator name and number: Name ___ ___ GP5. Day/Month/Year of measurement: ___ ___ / ___ ___ / ___ ___ ___ ___ Checked estimated accuracy (after “ready to navigate”) Marked Waypoint Renamed Waypoint to cluster number Recorded Waypoint’s position Saved Waypoint GP6. Waypoint name: ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ N/S/E/W Degrees Decimal degrees GP7. Latitude: N S ___ ___ . ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ GP8. Longitude: E W ___ ___ ___ . ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ GP9. Altitude: Elevation (Meters) ___ ___ ___ . ___ ___ __ Example of Log Sheet [Explain how to fill out log sheet] MICS4 Survey Design Workshop

14 Post Field GPS data checking and cleaning
When GPS data return from field work, the GPS Data Collection Coordinator checks that the GPS data are correct S/he uses GPS TrackMaker1, a free geographic information system, to plot the GPS points and check for common errors The GPS TrackMaker® program for Windows® 98SE/2000/ME/XP/Vista allows bi-directional datacommunications between GPS receivers and your computer, including full data editing and storage options MICS4 Survey Design Workshop

15 Common errors in the GPS data
Duplicate or Paired Points Missing Data Administrative Mismatches Hand-Entry Typos MICS4 Survey Design Workshop

16 MICS4 Survey Design Workshop
With thanks to MICS4 Survey Design Workshop

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