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GPS Devices and Geocaching Physical Geography 10 Ms Bainbridge Sir John A Macdonald High School.

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1 GPS Devices and Geocaching Physical Geography 10 Ms Bainbridge Sir John A Macdonald High School

2 Global Positioning Systems (GPS) ► GPS is a revolutionary navigation system  24 satellites orbiting the earth  Provide location within metres anywhere on the globe.  Now available in many cars as an option

3 Parts Zoom In/Out Buttons Find Button Page Button On/Off Button Pointer/Cursor Control

4 Start Up Satellite PageMap PageNavigation Page Trip Computer Main Menu

5 TaskTask #1: Understanding the Satellite Page Task ► Use your GPS to determine the following: How many satellites are being used?______ How many bars of signal strength do you have?____ What is the GPS location of the hinge side of swinging gate? _______________ _______________ _______________ What is the elevation?_______________ What is your accuracy? _______________ m

6 Task #2Task #2: Understanding the Map Page Task #2 ► Zoom in until you are at 8 kms. ► What locations are visible? _____________ __________________________________ ► Zoom in until you are at 200 m. ► What locations are visible? _____________ __________________________________ ► Describe the difference in your findings.

7 Task #3Task #3: Understanding the Navigation Page Task #3 hinge side of swinging gateWalk from the hinge side of swinging gate to the flag pole. ► ► How fast were you walking?_______________ ► ► What direction were you walking?___________

8 Task #4Task #4: Understanding the Trip Computer Page Task #4 ► Reset your trip computer. ► Walk around the front of the school until the Moving Time reads 2 minutes. Record the Trip Odometer value?______ Record the Max Speed value?_________

9 Task #5: Marking a Waypoint A Waypoint is a stored location in your GPS unit A: Mark a location B: Enter manually Choose 3 other waypoints in front of the school you would like to mark. Mark and name them. Check

10 A: Mark Your Location as a Waypoint ► Select a location ► Main Menu – select “mark” icon ► Highlight the number in the flag ► Press click stick – alphanumeric keypad displayed ► Name waypoint – highlight each letter and press click stick to select ► Select “ok” when done. ► GO DO IT!

11 B: Mark Waypoint Using Coordinates ► Location you want to find ► Main Menu page ► Select Mark ► Use the Click Stick to highlight the Location box at the bottom and press the Click Stick straight in ► Use the Alphanumeric screen to type in N 44º 41.914’ W 063 51.882’ N 44º 41.914’ W 063 51.882’ Select OK.

12 Finding a Waypoint 1. Main Menu 2. Find 3. Waypoints 4. By name/number or location locationOR 1. Find Button 2. Waypoints

13 FIND cont. What waypoints did you list in your GPS? _____________________________________ ► Head outside to find the coordinates given to you. ► Follow your compass ► Which location did those coordinates take you to? __________________________ __________________________

14 Tips to remember ► Highlighting the icon of several sheets in the top right hand corner of the screen allows you to go directly to a specific page. ► A battery saver mode can be enabled by highlighting the single page icon at the top right of the satellite page. Choose option “use with GPS off” if practicing without needing a signal to get actual locations. On the main menu page under set-up there is another battery saver mode for when you do require satellite reception. ► Always travel with back-up batteries!

15 What is Geocaching? ► One of the fastest growing “new” sports. ► Has participants in many countries outside of the US and Canada. ► Is a modern day treasure hunting activity that allows you to use GPS to locate a cache.

16 Travel Bug

17 Rules for Geocaching  1. Take something from the cache  2. Leave something in the cache  3. Write about it in the logbook  4. Do not move the cache

18 How to find a geocache ► Geocaching is a fun way to practice using your GPS unit. ► People all over the world have left GPS locations for their cache in hopes of you finding them!!! ► Check out Type in your postal code to find a cache that already exists or you can create your own for others to find!!! ► Caches locations are on Google Earth – need klm file.

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