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USING a Garmin eTrex Legend GPS

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1 USING a Garmin eTrex Legend GPS

2 Garmin Legend in Use


4 Satellite Page

5 Choose ‘North Up’ or ‘Track Up’
From the Satellite screen: Move the CLICK STICK to the left to select the Options Menu. Press in on the CLICK STICK (The screen will look like it does at the left). Check to see if the setting is what you want If you want to change it: Press the CLICK STICK down to highlight Track Up or North Up, depending what it is currently setting. Press in on the CLICK STOP to change it. .


7 Pages



10 Zoom In/ Out

11 MAP Setup

12 Navigation Page

13 Trip Page

14 Find Command The FIND Button is located on the bottom left


16 Setup Menu

17 Units Options

18 Systems Page

19 Enhancements to Accuracy (WAAS)
Wide Area Augmentation System Geo-stationary Satellites ~25 ground stations of known location (N. Amer.) corrects for GPS signal errors caused by ionospheric disturbances, timing and satellite orbit errors Improves accuracy to 3-5m Limits antenna/receiver must be powered 100% of time. Must have good view of sky – in MB near horizon which limits use in hiking and some canoeing.

20 Hold the Click Stick down until this screen appears
WAYPOINTS Hold the Click Stick down until this screen appears

21 Mark a Waypoint

22 Edit A Waypoint

23 Activate a Goto

24 Mark a New Waypoint Now you are ready to enter the latitude and Longitude for a known location

25 Create A New Waypoint

26 Press and Hold Click Stick to Access Mark Waypoint page

27 Select the Location and click to edit

28 What Is Geocaching? GEO for geography, and CACHING for the process of hiding a cache (cash) or treasure Hike in the woods Treasure hunt Outdoor enjoyment Family/Scout outing

29 Geocaching

30 What is Geo-Caching? Treasure hunt with GPS unit to find locations
Database of locations kept online It’s all about the trek What is in the cache: Logbook Treasure (can be anything) Clues One rule: Take from the cache and leave something of your own (FAQs)

31 Geocache Found

32 Geo Cache Contents

33 Cache Containers Micros – Regular – Large – 35 MM film container
Altoids tin Regular – Tupperware and Rubbermaid sandwich & 1-2 Qt. Containers Ammo boxes PCV pipe Large – 5 gal. Buckets Tool boxes

34 Ragged Island Geocache

35 How do I start to Geocache?
Go to (or other geocache site) Click on “Hide and Seek” Enter a zip code, city and state or coordinates near where you want to hunt. Note the level of difficulty, the type of cache and when it was last found. Once you have selected a cache to hunt for, you can: Download or manually enter the “waypoint” to your GPS Print out the page with the coordinates, hint and logs If going on vacation, look before you leave for possible geocaches. If you know the address of where you will be, you can use to find the coordinates of that spot

36 Ragged Island Cache

37 Deer Park Geocache

38 Deer Park Geocache

39 Edit A Waypoint

40 SBO Geocache WayPoint A01 N37° 04.411 W076° 29.654
Cache N37° W076°

41 Clearing Waypoints To Delete a Waypoint Go to Find Feature
Select Waypoints Select Nearest Select the Options Menu button on the top right Select Find by name, Delete ALL or Delete All by Symbol

42 Clearing Tracks Select the Main Menu Go to Find Feature Select TRACKS
Select the Options Menu button on the top right Select Setup Track Log Delete All Saved

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