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Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC)

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1 Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC)
A program of the Council of Chief State School Officers

2 What Is INTASC? The Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium is a membership organization of state education agencies and professional standards boards responsible for licensing teachers. Thirty-five states plus a number of national education organizations are members of INTASC.

3 Purpose of INTASC To provide a forum for states to:
find their collective voice regarding model standards for licensing teachers. share strategies and engage in joint activities to change teacher policy and practice. regularly assess the alignment of their teacher licensure system with state standards.

4 State Teacher Licensing System
State PK-12 Student Standards State Teacher Licensing Standards Pre-Service Preparation State Licensing Professional Dev For Re-Licensing State Program Approval Standards State Licensing Assessment State Prof. Dev. Requirements © INTASC/CCSSO

5 INTASC Core Principles
#1 - Subject Matter Knowledge #2 - Child Development #3 - Diversity #4 - Instructional Strategies #5 - Learning Environment #6 - Communication #7 - Planning #8 - Assessment #9 - Reflection/ Professional Dev #10 - Collaboration DECISION TO USE 10-PRINCIPLE FORMAT Used INTASC core standards as the framework for committee discussion and for final format of the document We first focused on Principles #2-10 first to get dialog going – we knew #1 would be more challenging [SEE P.19 IN RED BOOK] [Principle #2] Structure for each principle is as follows: Core Principle/Intro/All teachers/Arts specialists – this structure parallels our special ed standards Included introductory paragraph that highlights the key ideas of that principle when teaching the arts Goal was to get at distinctions in roles and how gen/spec can collaborate to support each other

6 INTASC’s Standards for Teachers of Students with Disabilities
Address for first time what GENERAL EDUCATION teachers should know and be able to do to effectively teach students with disabilities Drafted by 27 practicing teachers and teacher educators from both general and special education Aligned with INTASC’s core standards

7 Center for Improving Teacher Quality (CTQ)
Ensuring that Special Education Students are Served by Highly Qualified Teachers Funded by the Office of Special Education Programs U. S. Department of Education

8 Mission of CTQ To enhance educational opportunities for all students, particularly students with disabilities, through improving teacher licensing systems

9 INTASC/CCSSO in collaboration with
National Association of State Directors of Special Education (NASDSE) American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (AACTE) Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Federal Regional Resource Centers Federal Labs and Comprehensive Centers

10 State Teams as Vehicles for Change
Key Team Members State Director of Teacher Licensing/ Program Approval State Director of Special Education Representative from Higher Education

11 Strategies for Helping States Effect Change
Annual Forums Brokered, customized technical assistance Grant monies Communities of practice Telecasts Website Intensive Case Studies

12 Federal Context for Change
No Child Left Behind Adequate Yearly Progress Disaggregated Subgroup Progress Accountability Highly Qualified Teachers IDEA Reauthorization HQ implication is that special educators must demonstrate subject matter competency if involved in direct instruction of the general curriculum

13 IDEA Re-Authorization and Highly Qualified Teachers
Will incorporate teacher quality requirements of NCLB What are implications for special education teachers? Must demonstrate subject matter competency if involved in direct instruction of the general curriculum

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