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Region 1 SAC & Training Meeting Downtown Hartford Marriott –March 2012 Region 1 iSTEP Training Charles Rubenstein Pratt Institute - SILS.

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1 Region 1 SAC & Training Meeting Downtown Hartford Marriott –March 2012 Region 1 iSTEP Training Charles Rubenstein Pratt Institute - SILS

2 What is iSTEP? iSTEP is an integrated Student Transition to Engineering/Technology Professional event created by IEEE Region 1 to celebrate our student members: where they are now where they can help local K-12 STEM students where they can go with IEEEs assistance… IEEE is here to help them grow in their career

3 Where does iSTEP fit? Whether you are a freshman or senior new to engineering technologies or taking masters/doctoral studies a mentor or mentee iSTEP attempts to show you how scalable your IEEE membership is from pre-University to GOLD (Graduates Of the Last Decade) to WIE and beyond: IEEE is here to help you grow in your career

4 Who is iSTEP? iSTEP is: IEEE leaders reviewing how you fit in our professional society; Local HR folks making mentoring presentations; Practicing engineering technologists letting you know what options are available to you in the profession and in graduate education Students and IEEE members adding their experiences; All here to help Student Members grow in their career.

5 R9 – 15,288 R8 – 72,260 R10 – 86,111 R1 to 6 – 215,676 R7 – 17,240 IEEE is Worldwide Membership TOTAL MEMBERSHIP – 406,575* R1 – 37,381 R2 – 33,362 R3 – 31,741 R4 – 24,121 R5 – 29,988 R6 – 59,083 Reflecting the global nature of IEEE, R10 and R8 are now the two largest IEEE Regions * 2010 Member Data

6 About IEEE: Region 1 in the USA You are here

7 There are Four Areas in Region 1 Southern –Connecticut –Long Island –New Jersey Coast –New York –North Jersey –Princeton-Central Jersey Western –Binghamton –Buffalo –Ithaca –Rochester –Syracuse Northeastern –Boston –Maine –New Hampshire –Providence –Worcester County Central –Berkshire –Mid-Hudson –Mohawk Valley –Schenectady –Springfield –Green M ountain (VT)

8 Central Area Sections: 2012-2013 Area Chair: Lisa Shay * 2011 Area Chair: Asif Hassan –Berkshire, Mid-Hudson, Mohawk Valley, Schenectady, Springfield, Green Mountain Northeast Area Sections: 2010-2013 Area Chair: Tom Perkins –Boston, Maine, New Hampshire, Providence, Worcester County Southern Area Sections: 2012-2013 Area Chair: Bob Pellegrino * 2011 Area Chair: Durga Misra –Connecticut, Long Island, New York, New Jersey Coast, North Jersey, Princeton-Central Jersey Western Area Sections: 2012-2013 Area Chair: Alex Loui * 2011 Area Chair: Gene Saltzberg –Binghamton, Buffalo, Ithaca, Rochester, Syracuse Region 1 Areas

9 Why we joinwhy we stay… Knowledge... staying current with the fast changing world of technology Community … local and global activities, unparalleled networking opportunities, members-only discounts, electing IEEE leadership Profession … empowering members to build and own thei r careers, mentoring, making the world a better place

10 What is the Life of an IEEE member? K-12 STEM College Graduate School Employers, Governments, Professionals Graduates of the Last Decade Retired, Life Member IEEE MEMBERS But do our members know about IEEEs educational products & services? Lifeline of IEEE continuing education opportunities (IEEE Conferences, Tutorials, Courses)

11 Benefits of IEEE Membership Keeps you technically current Grows your professional network locally and internationally Access to in-person technical forums Members-only discountsIEEE products, conferences, and insurance coverage Provides tools for career development and advancement Developing critical, non-technical skills to be more effective Opportunities to volunteer, and give back to society Special Interest Memberships Expands the scope and depth of your technical knowledge Extends your professional network Influence the direction and application of technology through standards development Promotes the entry into and retention of women in engineering programs IEEEthe Organization The worlds largest technical professional association, 406,000+ members Local activities in a global network World-renowned standards body Sponsors 1200+ conferences annually Publisher of 1/3 of the worlds literature on electro-technology Making the world a better place 125+ years of engineering the future IEEE Membership: Its benefits, its mission, the organization

12 Staying Technically Current IEEE Spectrum Magazine Monthly, the award-winning IEEE Spectrum magazine explores the creation, application and implications of new technologies IEEEs Internet television, exclusive Member programming and file downloading privileges The Institute Newsletter Monthly (4 print, 8 online) newsworthy IEEE activities both in professional and technical areas IEEE Potentials Magazine 6 issues (online), the magazine for technology's rising, student innovators IEEE Xplore Digital Library Table-of-contents and abstracts (3 million documents) Additional Benefits (add-ons) … IEEE Member Digital Library, Proceedings of the IEEE

13 iSTEP Objective: IEEE for Life! A program that integrates and benefits IEEE Student Members, Young Professionals, (HKN) Eta Kappa Nu, (S-PAC) Student Professional Awareness Conferences, (GOLD) Graduates of the Last Decade, WIE (Women in Engineering), Industry Representatives, Mentors, Life members, Section and Regional Leaders at One Venue Emphasis on less formal presentation, but more interactive sessions, exercises, networking, followed by a social event Can Include –mock interviews –resume writing –career advice Combine with morning Area Meeting and Training Session New hand-out packages for all student attendees

14 Region 1 iSTEP 2011 Original Leadership Team Charles Rubenstein, Region 1 Director; iSTEP Program Manager Soon Wan, R1 Membership Development Chair; iSTEP Co-Chair Ravi Todi, R1 PACE Chair; iSTEP Co-Chair Jignasa Ray, R1 Student Activities Chair Uri Moszkowicz, R1 GOLD Coordinator William Dorney, R1 Student Representative Pete Eckstein, R1 Director-Elect The Four Area Chairs: Tom Perkins, Gene Saltzberg, Durga Misra, and Asif Hassan

15 iSTEP 2012-2013 Leadership Team Charles Rubenstein, Program Manager Pete Eckstein, Region 1 Director Ravi Todi, R1 Student Activities Chair Brian Roberts, R1 1 GOLD Coordinator Jignasa Ray, R1 PACE Chair Soon Wan, R1 Membership Development Chair William Dorney, R1 Student Representative Darlene Rivera, R1 WIE Coordinator Marty Izaak, R1 Life Member Coordinator The Four Area Chairs: Tom Perkins, Alex Loui, Bob Pellegrino, and Lisa Shay

16 Area Meeting Example Agenda 9:00 AM Continental Breakfast 9:15 AM Welcome: Area Chair, Region VIPs 9:30 AM Area Section Concerns, Issues and Questions Section Officer Succession, Term Limits & Exceptions Membership Issues: Retention and Recruitment 11:00 AM Overview of iSTEP 11:30 PM Lunch (with iSTEP Team) 12:20 PM Area Meeting Ends Travel to iSTEP at local University 1:00 PM iSTEP Meeting Starts (BUDGET: apx $1000-1500 depends on travel expenses)

17 Example iSTEP Event Agenda - 1 1:00 PM Welcome: Region VIP, Area chair, Local Section Chair 1:10 PM Keynote: Scalability of YOUR IEEE Membership (Charles Rubenstein) 1:30 PM IEEE One Voice Video 1:45 PM Introduction of IEEE Organization, Membership Benefits, Activities, GOLD Program, and Volunteering Opportunity (Ravi Todi, R1 Student Activities Chair) 2:00PM Mentoring Presentation 3:00 PM Break 3:15 PM Panel Session Mentoring for Professional Development" (Local IEEE Members, Entrepreneurs, Industry Folks) 4:15 PM Breakout Session: Meet your Mentors and Mentees 5:00 PM Mentoring Game 6:00 PM Pizza/Ice Cream Party

18 Example iSTEP Event Agenda - 2 1:00 : Welcome: Region Director, Area Chair,Local Section Chair Video: IEEE Solutionists Unconference – A Participant Driven Meeting –IEEE for You Mentoring Break-out Sessions (3-4 Parallel 30-45 minute sessions) –Seeking the Right Job –Resume Writing –Mock Speed Interviews –Financial Management Break Introduction of IEEE Organization, Membership Benefits, Activities, GOLD, HKN, S-PAC, PACE, Technical Societies/Local Chapters, Volunteering R1 Past Director Rubenstein - Scalability of Your IEEE Membership iSTEP Wrap-Up - May Include Mentoring Game 5:00 – 6:00: Social Hour

19 iSTEP Budget Considerations INCOME: ($200 plus donations, in kind contributions) Student/IEEE Members: $100 Non-Members: $100 Local Industry Donations: tbd Local Branch Room and A/V Rental: in kind EXPENSES: ($1250-1750) Travel for iSTEP Presenters ($500-1000) Room & A/V Rental – Student Branch provided Break Refreshments - $100 Pizza/Ice Cream Party - $250 Giveaways and speaker gifts - $400

20 2011 Activities Four iSTEP Events held: one per area; Oct-Nov 2011 Central Area: –University of Albany Albany, NY; 22 October 2011 Northeastern Area: –Southeastern Regional Education Service Center (SERESC) Bedford, NH; 12 November 2011 Southern Area: –New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) Newark, NJ; 5 November 2011 Western Area: –Syracuse University Syracuse, NY; 29 October 2011

21 iSTEP 2011 Flyer

22 PROJECT DESCRIPTION/SCOPE PROJECT CORE TEAM Charles Rubenstein : 2011-2013 iSTEP Project Manager/PI Soon Wan: 2011 iSTEP Co-Chair Ravi Todi : 2011 iSTEP Co-Chair Jignasa Ray : 2012 iSTEP Co-Chair iSTEP COMMITTEE: Area Chairs, D-E and Director. GOLD, SAC, PACE, WIE and Life Member Chairs. Local iSTEP Event Chairs DELIVERABLES New Graduation Package: - in progress Revised Congratulations Package - in progress iSTEP training events at Region 1 Area Meetings - DONE Validation of iSTEP success. - in progress Detailed plan for iSTEP expanded roll-out in 2012 & 2013 - in progress, changes to be implemented Spring 2012 mentoring piece being reevaluated. Project: Region 1 – iSTEP – 2011 Progress Design, implement and test "iSTEP" -an enhanced and revitalized STEP/Mentoring Program in each of the Region's four Areas in the remaining months of 2011. The 2011 iSTEP Working Group includes our Membership, GOLD, SAC, PACE, WIE and Life Member Chairs, the Area Chairs, D-E and Director. Subsequent WGs expect the 3Ds to contribute. (Area Chairs to lead their Area events) 2011 BUDGET & PROJECT METRICS Project Funded Budget: $10K, Region Matching Budget: $10K Budget Spent/ Committed $20K+ (Project Started 8/1) 100% of Budget spent with most of project complete. Forecast : $10K MGA and $10K Region 1 Actual: $10K MGA and $10K+ Region 1 PROJECT SUCCESS – METRICS 2011-2013 Region 1 Students to GSM/Higher-Grade membership retention rate - > 50% = TBD Number of mentor/mentee Relationships matched - > 20 annual iSTEP Event Attendance - 50 per area event ISTEP Program Funding – Self Sustain by 2014 MilestoneTarget Completion % Complete Project Approved8/1100 % Working Group Telecons12/31/11100% Face-to-face meetingRev.12/17/11100% Grad Pack Approved11/30/1125% Congrat Letter Approved11/30/1125% Advertising of iSTEP12/31/11100% iSTEP &Area Training Event12/31/11100% Mentoring collocated iSTEP12/31/1125% 22

23 Project: Region 1 – iSTEP 23 Project Highlights and Results: An iSTEP announcement was created. Four iSTEP events were scheduled, advertised, and run. Each of the four Areas of Region 1 had an iSTEP event coupled with training of the local Section Chairs and interested members. Only reached about 10-20 students at each event due to late start. Feedback was evaluated and a face-to-face training session held Plans are in process to incorporate iSTEP training in the 2012 R1 SAC and 2012 R1 Training Workshop. iSTEP materials and letters are in prgoress and expected to be completed 2011 Project Metrics Evaluation - iSTEP Model Changes: Number of mentor/mentee Relationships matched - > 20 annual The original iSTEP Mentoring Model was not possible to accomplish in a single afternoon. Instead an overview of mentoring possible through IEEE activities is presented.

24 iSTEP Questions? Feel free to contact me at:


26 2012 iSTEP Planning Schedule EIGHT iSTEP Events to be held: TWO per area Central Area: –tbd Northeastern Area: –Boston University or MIT ? –URI Southern Area: –tbd Western Area: –Rochester –Buffalo or Binghamton?

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