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 Who is VBMA?  Officer Introductions  Why Join?  Membership Benefits  Membership Details  VBMA Business Certificate  Schedule.

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2  Who is VBMA?  Officer Introductions  Why Join?  Membership Benefits  Membership Details  VBMA Business Certificate  Schedule


4  The Veterinary Business Management Association is a student-driven organization dedicated to advancing the profession through increasing business knowledge, creating networking opportunities, and empowering students to achieve their personal and professional goals.

5  The VBMA is the nation’s largest vet student- driven organization with more than 3,400 student members.  Founded in 2003, the VBMA has expanded to the 28 U.S. veterinary schools, Ross, and St. George’s as well as internationally.  We believe in the power of veterinary students to find their own way to change the industry. Our members will improve the profession as future practice owners, industry professionals, and leaders of veterinary medicine national organizations.

6  When/how our chapter originated  Officers and advisor  Members  Veterinary students who take their future into their own hands through business education  Students learning for their business future

7  Include: officer name, position, year in school, why you joined VBMA, what you’ve gotten out of VBMA thus far, what you are looking forward to this year in your VBMA chapter, picture of yourself





12  Business Education ◦ No matter the path – owner, associate, researcher, or anything else – you will be part of a business ◦ Understanding where your paycheck comes from makes it easier for you to be successful  Networking ◦ Networking opportunities locally and through the nation with other students and veterinary professionals  Certificate that means something ◦ More and more alumni are aware of the VBMA, our certificate and what it means for graduates ◦ Employers may be looking for it when you apply for jobs

13  Veterinary schools teach clinical skills and professional skills, but few business and management skills  Vet school is a huge financial burden: learn how to cope  Job market is increasingly competitive: set yourself apart

14 VMBA Video

15  Business education at very low cost  Access business resources at  Travel and gain leadership skills ◦ Lead your school as a chapter officer ◦ Coordinate competitions ◦ Manage multiple chapters as a regional leader ◦ Become a national VBMA officer

16  VBMA National Business Certificate ◦ Show employers you took charge of your own business education  Externships ◦ Exclusive to VBMA members ◦ More information online  Veterinary Hospital Managers Association resources ◦ Free membership for VBMA members in school and as a new grad

17  Student debt resources ◦ Webinars and business education on our website  Scholarships available to only VBMA members  Business research opportunities for VBMA members only  Case study competition: earn $1,000 plus money for your chapter  Discounted veterinary business books ◦ Available through the VBMA website or your school

18  Network with a wide variety of veterinary business professionals  Develop interviewing and resume-writing skills  Plan for the future: finances, debt, career, retirement, etc.  Free subscription to Veterinary Economics

19  Attend business-related lectures throughout the semester  Dues: _______  How to sign up:  Register on the VBMA website to get national membership benefits

20  Started in August 2011 to standardize VBMA programming and create value in being an active VBMA member  Your business education is often in your own hands, yet necessary to become a successful practitioner ◦ Certificate gives you guidance  Awareness is spreading, we need your help ◦ As you go to practices and to conferences, let practitioners know about the VBMA and what a VBMA certificate means



23  Speakers cost up to $20,000  Food costs money  But it could be worse: ◦ VBMA has sponsors that reduce costs to you ◦ VBMA leaders are volunteers: no local, regional or national officers are paid  Please keep in mind the cost of food and speakers when RSVPing for events and remember that the programming done is for YOU!

24  You have no background in business  You have a business background but want to learn more and help others learn  You want to understand your contract  You want to rock your job interview  You want to understand the veterinary industry and get ideas for future jobs  You want to meet practice owners and find career prospects!

25  Where is your schedule posted and available to your students??

26  Contact an officer  Website:  Facebook


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