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Making it personal means making it meaningful Liam Tyler Macmillan English IPT Russia.

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1 Making it personal means making it meaningful Liam Tyler Macmillan English IPT Russia

2 Whats the difference?

3 Why do we continue to…. give students boring, impersonal, irrelevant tasks? try to drill and train students? try to get students to store and retrieve impossible amounts of information?

4 Lets make teaching more personal, more human!

5 Personalising learning 1.What is personalised learning? 2.Why personalise learning? 3.What does personalising learning involve? 4.Examples of personalised activities and resources: vocabulary, grammar and speaking.

6 1. What is personalised learning?

7 Personalised learning is….. asking personal questions about learners: salary; age; relationships. taking into account learning styles and approaches. allowing learners complete control over what goes on in class. becoming our students best friends. finding out about learner opinions and interests. putting the learner at the centre of the learning process.

8 Personalised learning….. takes into account prior learning and experience. involves finding out about learners. gives students choice and voice. is about localisation and humanisation. involves learner-centred activities and tasks.

9 2. Why should we personalise learning?

10 Why should we personalise learning? its more M E A N I N G F U L its more R E L E V A N T its more E N G A G I N G its more M O T I V A T I N G it s more R E S P O N S I V E its more C H A L L E N G I N G its more H U M A N!

11 3. What does personalised learning involve?

12 Personalised learning is more than a portfolio of effective teaching and learning strategies focused on the individual; it is primarily about an ethics and culture. UK National College for School Leadership

13 Personalised learning permeates all aspects of the teaching process ….. Learner needs and interests Learner styles Lesson planning

14 Class profile interests aims background s preferences styles

15 4. Personalised activities and materials

16 Many coursebooks have shortcomings in the areas of… Personalisation Localisation Humanisation

17 Coursebooks should be designed to facilitate personalisation.

18 Personalising vocabulary and grammar

19 An off the cuff remark To buckle down As bright as a button To collar someone To tighten ones belt To wear ones heart on ones sleeve

20 Personalising vocabulary Personalisation


22 Student choice

23 Personalisation and localisation

24 Personalising speaking

25 Rob Zurich 28.08.2012 BA 16


27 You ask the questions! Who……? Where…….? When…….? What……..?



30 New Inside Out series A renewed commitment to meaningful presentation, meaningful practice and meaningful communication.

31 Ten reasons why teachers like New Inside Out 1.Subjects that matter to students 2.Making it personal means making it meaningful 3.Teachable for teachers 4.Varies methods create vitality 5.Activities that get people talking 6.Practice makes perfect 7.Giving students skills to be self-sufficient 8.Building a better every day vocabulary 9.Real life grammar for real life English 10.Success is guaranteed

32 The case for personalisation is strong! Personalising lessons: makes them more engaging, stimulating, relevant and human! Think about the learners ate all stages, including the planning process. Make a real effort to get to know your students: interests, learning styles, needs. Use New Inside Out for personalised, localised, and meaningful practice tasks.


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