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Proficiency (a few) books away Higor Cavalcante IATEFL Glasgow 2012 22 March, 2012 16.35 – 17.20.

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1 proficiency (a few) books away Higor Cavalcante IATEFL Glasgow 2012 22 March, 2012 16.35 – 17.20

2 Not all students become active readers. While some are highly motivated and consume books avidly, others dont have the same appetite. We cant force students to read, of course, but we should do everything we can to encourage them to do so. Jeremy Harmer, in How to Teach English, (p. 110)

3 By the end of this talk, well have discussed… …the habit (or lack thereof) of a reading culture/habit in Brazil …how books get chosen with a view to creating the reading habit in candidates …an extensive reading program for CPE preparation …activities (with examples) which can be used in the program

4 A very important belief It is nearly impossible to pass the CPE without reading variedly and vastly.

5 collocations: …a succession of ludicrously trivial and…(adv-adj) phrasal verbs: …begged the kids to please get off my legs now,… idioms: …caught her eye… semantic precision: I clumped around the house like a man in magnetic boots… (fixed) expressions: Just in case, you know, I suffered transitory histerical blindness… Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About, Mill Millington, p 1.

6 Situation in Brazil 1,8 books per year => 4, 7 books per year (2010 – Ministry of Education and Culture) People dont read for fun; reading is boring.


8 The CPE course three 51-hour long semesters (153 hours) Course books used (New Proficiency Gold, Objective Proficiency) Weekly mocks (of papers, not full) CPE blog(s) Extensive Reading (Book-a-month project)

9 The Book-a-month Project Students: – Read 4 books per term / 8 yearly / 12 during course – Do weekly activities related to books – not tests! Criteria for picking books: – Interesting – Choice – Modern

10 Books used Room, Emma Donoghue (NYT #1 Bestseller) Drama

11 Books used Live Wire, Harlan Coben (NYT #1 Bestseller) Thriller

12 Books used The Best of Me, Nicholas Sparks (author of Message in a Bottle, Dear John, The Last Song etc.) Chick-lit

13 Books used

14 Voting via Facebook

15 Activities Vocabulary search:

16 Activities Vocabulary search:

17 Activities Vocabulary search:

18 Activities Quotes:

19 Activities Quotes:

20 Activities More vocabulary (spontaneous post):

21 Activities Top 5s:

22 36 students sat the exam in December 31 passed. 5 got As. 3 of the people who did not pass, got a C1 certificate.

23 Today a reader, tomorrow a leader. Reading is a discount ticket to anywhere. You dont have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them. To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable thats spelled out is a spark. Read in order to live.

24 Thank you! teacherhigor (Skype and Twitter) See you in Liverpool!

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