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Teaching Collocations Higor Cavalcante Seven Idiomas – Pacaembu branch.

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1 Teaching Collocations Higor Cavalcante Seven Idiomas – Pacaembu branch


3 Collocation is the relationship between two words or groups of words that often go together and form a common expression. If the expression is heard often, the words become 'glued' together in our minds. 'Crystal clear', 'middle management' 'nuclear family' and 'cosmetic surgery' are examples of collocated pairs of words. Some words are often found together because they make up a compound noun, for example 'riding boots' or 'motor cyclist'. Examples of phrases: a person can be 'locked in mortal combat', meaning involved in a serious fight, or 'bright eyed and bushy tailed', meaning fresh and ready to go; 'red in the face', meaning 'embarrassed', or 'blue in the face' meaning 'angry'. It is not a common expression for someone to be 'yellow in the face' or 'green in the face' however. From

4 Types of Collocation 1. adverb + adjective 2. adjective + noun 3. noun + noun 4. noun + verb 5. verb + noun 6. verb + expression with preposition 7. verb + adverb widely accepted regular exercise round of applause Snow was falling as our plane took off committing murder run out of money filled with horror whispered softly

5 Implications for teaching S: Teacher, how I say interessado in English? T: It’s “interested”. S: Ah, OK. So, I’m interested to buy a car. S: How do I say fazer? T: Fazer what? S: Homework. T: It’s do homework. Give me a sentence. S: I will do my homework tomorrow. interested in buying a car.

6 Collocation via authentic text – Open Cloze (…) This isn't to say that the eighth-graders, all of them heading off to top-tier Silicon Valley high schools, don't love their tech toys and tools. On the contrary, when asked to list all of the positives about tech, they weren't _____________ of answers: access to information with unprecedented scope, the ability to socialize with large groups over ___________ distances, 24/7 multi-media communication, and perhaps best of all, whole new worlds of entertainment. (…)

7 Collocation via song – Open Cloze When you're __________six numbers just to __________the phone Drivin _________town just to see if she's home Waking a friend in the _________of the night Just to hear him say it’s gonna be __________ When you’re finding things to do not to __________ asleep Cuz you know she'll be there in your __________ That's when she's more ________ a memory

8 Post-listening and Reading (Decoding)

9 Spidergrams and Brainstorming

10 To know more

11 Contact information (11) 3873-2233 TTK/TKT – from September 10th to December 17th 1:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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