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Boluardighi City Corporation Girls' High School

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1 Boluardighi City Corporation Girls' High School
Welcome to the effect of the Eve Teasing Organize By Boluardighi City Corporation Girls' High School

2 Introduction Eve Teasing is a growing problem in Bangladesh. Eve Teasing was started in Bangladesh long time ago. But this was not much severe issue at that time. Another important thing to notice is that, at that time, girls were given marriage at their early age at which the eve teasing occurs. So, by marriage, the girls would get required protection by family and society. School and college gates or the street is the main target of the wayward young men to disturb girls and women. Eve teasing means to tease girls , at any age, who hold the characteristics of Eve or of a mother. Therefore it actually means teasing and dishonoring the whole nation of mother.

3 Girl student can get help against eve teasing
The number of girl students walking alone in road is increasing by the day. Students have help at hand to teach eve teasers a lesson. The police has started help lines where girl student can lodge complaint. The male student and people of all class should come forward to protect eve teasing.

4 How to stop Eve teasing ? Eve teasing is a common phenomenon in Bangladesh now a days .Every morning while we open the daily newspaper we surely find a short or long incidental news about Eve Teasing. It’s a matter of Shame! But how to control it ? How to save our girls and sisters from such disaster ! We think , only consciousness of the general mass is the only solution of eve teasing. Our TV and Radio media should focus on it very carefully. Newspaper and Magazines should publish such type of mass consciousness reports and examples so that people can be aware of the harmful acts of eve teasing.

5 Picture of the Eve teasing protect seminar






11 Picture of Eve Teasing Protect Rally





16 Some steps taken to solve the Eve Teasing problem
If any girl student face eve teasing she must inform her parents and the teacher. Some community police force should be posted on important points of the road. If any information come eve teasing the school authority should take immediate step and inform the matter to the police station. The Government should take strict step to protect this problem.

17 The Eve teasing protection committee of the school
1. Chairman – Mr. Chowdhury Hasan Mahamud Hasni Councilor & Panel Mayor, Chittagong City Corporation. 2. Vice Chairman – Alhaj Payer Mohammad Member SMC 3. Secretary – Mr. Ahmed Kabir Headmaster of the school 4. Asst. Secretary – Mr. M. Maksudul Islam Senior Asst. Teacher of the school 5. Secretary of public relation – Mr. Saidul Arafin Member of SMC

18 7. Member – Mrs. Parvin Yasmin
6. Secretary of student relation – Sanjida Saidul Surma Student of class X , Roll - 01 7. Member – Mrs. Parvin Yasmin Managing Director, Jugantor Social Development Organization 8. Member – Mr. Rafiq Ahmed Social Worker 9. Member – Mr. Mostafa Amanullah

19 The End

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