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Through My Eyes Activity Shahid Jabar Exemplary Secondary School 20/4/2010.

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1 Through My Eyes Activity Shahid Jabar Exemplary Secondary School 20/4/2010

2 MY HOBBIES My name is Zardasht. I am 12 years old and I am in 7th grade. I like playing chess and I know how to play it. I would like to be a successful player And I also like swimming, I go to swimming pool with my cousin and I enjoy swimming very much. My other hobby is football but I don't know how to play football well. My last hobby is travelling around the world so as to learn about other countries in this world.

3 My Family Hello, I'm Shara Tahir. I have three sisters and a brother. My Father, Tahir, is the minister of health in Kurdistan. My mother,Jwan, is gynecologist. My sister,Kozan, she is a teacher. My sister,Sham, she is a vet. My sister, Soma, is a medical student. My brother, Kardo, is in twelfth grade, he is interested in IT. This is me.

4 My Hobbies My name is Braw Balla I am in seventh grade I live in Sulaimany. At home My hobbies are: Improve the foreign languages. Riding bicycle Visit my relatives. Some times I like to watch TV I like to go shopping to buy things that I like Reading books for an hour and the last book that I read was The Rotten Romans.. At school

5 My Hobbies I am San.Im twelve years old. One of my hobbies is using electronic devices such as computer and phone. My computer is hp and my mobile is iphone. In summer I play computer games. I like to listen to songs and I have a lot of CDs. Sometimes I watch box office movies and I have a lot of them such as (Alice In Wonderland, Avatar, Old Dogs, Sherlock Holmes, The Charismas Carol). And my favorite sport is playing ping pong and Im really good. I love playing guitar but I am not very good at it.

6 Sulaimani is surrounded by mountains. These are the four seasons in my cities: Winter Spring Summer Autumn Winter: Winter in Sulaimani is really cold.It rains and snows. Spring: When Spring comes Suly becomes a fabulous place. The weather is nice and cool. People go on picnics. Summer: Summer in Suly is hot and dry. Autumn: Autumn in Suly is cool. Sometimes it rains. Hi ! my name is Hana Luqman. I am in seventh grade. I am going to talk about the weather and the seasons in my city Sulaimani

7 Hi ! My name is Payan Payjor Im in 7th grade. I have many hobbies like :Skating, Playing football, Playing basketball and Playing ping-pong. Skating is one of the nicest sport I've ever played, I play it during summer and I spend most of my time with it. This year, I play football only at school when we have Sport. I'm a good ping-pong player. My Hobbies

8 My name is Kany Peshraw. My favorite hobbies are swimming, drawing and playing basketball. I learned how to swim when I was nine years old. I started drawing when I was a kid, and I still draw, but now Im better. My mother thinks Im really talented.I also like making cards. I usually draw in my free time. I like writing stories, when I was seven years old I wrote a story called Janes Life. I like basketball too, but I dont play it alot because I dont have time.

9 My name is Deelan Mohammad. Food My favorite food is kabab. I love spaghetti very much. Clothes I love suits, jeans and shirts Pets I like pets, and I have a bird his name is (tutu) but I called him (lulu). Music I love music very much. My favorite instrument is keyboard, and I am good at playing keyboard but I love to learn clarinet. This is My Life

10 Hi! I'm Zhewar I'm talking about my hobbies and my dreams for you. I have more than ten hobbies! I like drawing, reading, singing and playing music. I like to be a singer in the future. I like to be an actor. I like to learn more than ten languages. I like to travel to some nice cities. And these cities will be Istanbul, California, New York, Sidney, Norm berg and Paris

11 My name is Shaee. I am going to talk about my city. Sulaimany,is located in the north of Iraq. It is big but not as many as other cities. The city is surrounded by many beautiful mountains Azady Park Azady Park is one of the biggest park in my city. It used to be a prison in past.Most of people go to Azady Park during the weekends and holidays.

12 My name is Ranj. I usually wake up at 6:45 a.m. Then I eat my breakfast and get ready. I go to school by bus. I get there at 8:00 o' clock. School starts at 8:10. We have six lessons every day. My favorite lesson is English. I leave school at 2:00 o' clock. It takes one hour to get home. I relax then I do my homework. I eat dinner with my family. Finally, I go to bed at 10:00 o' clock

13 My Family My name is Soreia. I am 13 years old. In my family there are eight of us. We love each other. My father's name is Sadun. He is a doctor in acupuncture. My mother's name is Srwa. She is a teacher at agriculture school. I have three brothers. Rebin is the oldest. He's married to Payman. They have a baby boy called Rand. My second brother is Rawand. Rega is the third one. I am the youngest one. My father,Me,My brother (Rega), My mother

14 During the break in the schools garden My name is sister and I are in the same school.She is in 9th grade. She helps me all the time. We come to school and go home by bus. We eat our lunch at school together. We have another sister. She is older than us. My Sister and I

15 My name is Muhammed I have a small family that consists of me. My sister and my mother. My grandmother also lives with us. My mother is a high-school teacher. She is the main source of finance for our family because my grandmother is retired.My father passed away when I was 6 years old. He died because he had cancer. He went to Australia in order to get his cancer treated, however, he did not get cured. He is buried now in Australia. I love my family so much. My Family My Mother and I

16 Picnic My name is Dalia.I am 13 years old. In my school every year we go on a picnic. This year was our first time. We play. We take photos. This is me We dance. We eat.

17 My name is Heeran. I would like to talk about my bedroom. My room is in the second floor of my house. My sisters sleep in the same room with me. There are three beds in our room. One of them is mine and the others are my sisters. My bed is in the middle.My beds color is orange.. I play piano in my room. We love cartoons. There are three stickers on the wall. Theyre Hannah Montana, Lulu Caty,and Strawberry Shortcake stickers. I love looking out of my window to see the beautiful Mountains.

18 My School My name is Rand Saman Im twelve years old. My school is a special school in Sulimani, because in our school we study the subjects in English. In this picture you see me and you can see the stadium. You can play football and basketball there. We play tennis in the tennis room Computer Hall Each subject has its own room.We have three labs for Chemistry,Physics and Bilogy.Also there is a library and a computer hall.

19 Through My Eyes My name is Zheela. Library. You can see some scenes of my school through my photos. Through the Computer rooms window. The roof of the school.

20 My Hobbies My name is Areen Ghazi and Im 13 years old, I really like football and Im a big fan of Leo Messi and Barcelona. I love to watch British and American films, my favorite actors are Will Smith, Tom Cruise,Megan Fox and Brad Pitt. My favorite movie is 8mile. I love TV shows like N.C.I.S, 24,90210 and Lots. I love WWE [World Wrestling Entertainment ] and these are my hobbies.

21 My Spring Holiday My name is Deea.I love camping with my family. Every spring during our holiday my family goes to a cabin out of the city. The place is called Dwkan. There are so many things to do there. I watch the birds and the animals as they busily care of their young babies. I also love the food that we cook on the fire. Then after two weeks of relaxing we come back to the city. Dwkan

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