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9/17/2015PowerPoint 03-07 1 Differences Between Excel 2003 to 2007 Purdue University Calumet Excel 2003 Excel 2007.

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1 9/17/2015PowerPoint 03-07 1 Differences Between Excel 2003 to 2007 Purdue University Calumet Excel 2003 Excel 2007

2 9/17/2015 Excel 2007 2 What You Will Learn  New Vocabulary & Terms  New Visual Layout  Differences from previous version

3 9/17/2015PowerPoint 03-073 Agenda Ribbon Office Logo Button Quick Access Toolbar Tabs Groups Commands Keyboard Shortcuts Mini Toolbar Highlighting Information Page View Buttons

4 9/17/2015PowerPoint 03-074 Overview Excel 2007 putting the pieces together Ribbon Excel Logo Button Tabs Groups Commands Mini Toolbar Highlighted Information Quick Access Toolbar 2007

5 9/17/2015PowerPoint 03-075 Vocabulary Ribbon Office Logo Button Tabs Groups Commands Quick Access Toolbar Mini Toolbar

6 9/17/2015PowerPoint 03-076

7 9/17/2015PowerPoint 03-077 The Ribbon The new look of Excel

8 9/17/2015PowerPoint 03-078 What’s on the Ribbon? 1.Tabs -There are seven of them across the top. Each represents core tasks you do in Excel. 2.Groups - Each tab has groups that show related items together. 3. Commands - A command is a button, a box to enter information, or a menu. The principal commands in Excel are gathered on the first tab, the Home tab.

9 9/17/2015PowerPoint 03-079 Temporarily Hide the Ribbon Double-click the active tab. The groups disappear, so that you have more room.

10 9/17/2015PowerPoint 03-0710 The Office Logo Button Microsoft Office Button This button is located at the upper-left corner of the Excel window and opens the menu shown here.

11 9/17/2015PowerPoint 03-0711 The Mini Toolbar 1.The Mini Toolbar automatically pops up when text is highlighted to format. 2.When the text is highlighted, the Mini toolbar appears (faded, not shown) 3.If the mouse is pointed on the Mini toolbar, it will become solid (shown above), then click to format text.

12 9/17/2015PowerPoint 03-0712 Tabs that appear only when you need them If you have a chart in your worksheet more commands are available, but only when you need them. Highlight your information

13 Select a chart from the Chart Group 9/17/2015PowerPoint 03-0713

14 For instance Column and click, then select 2-D Column select and click again 9/17/2015PowerPoint 03-0714

15 A Chart then appears which represents your selection in the column category above. Then Chart Tools tabs become available: Design, Layout, and Format. 9/17/2015PowerPoint 03-0715

16 9/17/2015PowerPoint 03-0716 Use the Design tab to change the chart type or to move the chart location.

17 9/17/2015PowerPoint 03-0717 The Layout tab to change chart titles or other chart elements.

18 9/17/2015PowerPoint 03-0718 The Format tab to add fill colors or to change line styles

19 9/17/2015PowerPoint 03-0719 More options, if you need them 1.Click the arrow at the bottom of a group to get more options if you need them. 2. The Format Cells dialog box opens.

20 9/17/2015PowerPoint 03-0720 Add a command to the Quick Access Toolbar 1. On the Ribbon, click the appropriate tab or group to display the command that you want to add to the Quick Access Toolbar. 2. Right-click the command, and then click Add to Quick Access Toolbar on the shortcut menu.

21 9/17/2015PowerPoint 03-0721 Second Way to Add To Your Quick Access Toolbar Right-click in the Quick Access Toolbar Area, and then select Customize Quick Access Toolbar.

22 The next screen box is Excel Options where you can add or remove Quick Access Tools to your Quick Access Toolbar 9/17/2015PowerPoint 03-0722

23 What about favorite keyboard shortcuts? 9/17/2015PowerPoint 03-0723 2. Then press H to select the Home tab. 1. Make sure text is selected; press ALT to make the Key Tips appear. 3. Press A and C together, in the Alignment group to center the selected text.

24 A New View 9/17/2015PowerPoint 03-0724 On the Full Ribbon click View

25 A New View Appears 9/17/2015PowerPoint 03-0725 On the View Ribbon look in the Workbook View Group and click Page Layout View

26 Page Layout Print Layout view in Excel 9/17/2015PowerPoint 03-0726 1. Column Headings 2. Row Headings 3. Margin Rules

27 Understanding The Connection Excel 2007- Putting the pieces together Quick Access Commands Office button Excel 2007 Mini Toolbar Groups Tabs Ribbon Highlighted Information

28 Questions 9/17/2015PowerPoint 03-0728

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