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A guided tour of Langogne Our medieval very little town.

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1 A guided tour of Langogne Our medieval very little town

2 The Wheat Hall Langogne has existed since 998. It used to be an important trade centre, especially for cattle and wheat. This monument dates back to the 18th century. The peasants used to sell their wheat crops there. Nowadays it serves as a nice open air market place. In the summer it shelters the tourists from the heat, crafts exhibitions and concerts.

3 Our medieval church It was built by the monks in the 12th century. It is of Romanesque architecture. Its façade is of Gothic architecture, due to a reconstruction in the 16th century after the religious wars of the middle ages. it is situated in the heart of the little town in a place called " the Monks' Square On the left, there used to be another chapel but it collapsed in the early 1980s.

4 The ancient convent This beautiful chapel is part of a larger building partly seen in this photo. The whole building used to be a nuns convent, who had founded a school there. Nowadays all the nuns have retired and the building is being used as a lower high school: OUR high school! On the top, there is a statue of Our Lady.

5 The Chapel of the Penitents They were monks who settled in Langogne in the 18th century. Nowadays their chapel is used as our high schools sports hall!

6 « The Calquières » spinning mill. It is a living reminder of the old wool industry. This beautiful spinning machine, « the Mull Jenny » dates back to the 19th century, after the boom of the industrial revolution that had started in England. Its looms are still powered by a water wheel driven by the force of the water from a little river that flows nearby and inside the building. During visits we can see the woollen yarn being spun, and cloth being woven. Langogne was famous for its weavers, spinners, drapers and carders.

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