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United States Army Command and General Staff College International Military Student Division Sponsorship Information Brief 10-1 Mr. Jim Fain/Mr. Mike Brettmann.

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1 United States Army Command and General Staff College International Military Student Division Sponsorship Information Brief 10-1 Mr. Jim Fain/Mr. Mike Brettmann International Officer Student Division Ft. Leavenworth, KS 66027

2 AGENDA History Security Assistance International Military Student Division (IMSD) Field Studies Program Preparatory Courses IMS Support System Sponsor Events International Hall of Fame (IHOF)

3 International Officer Attendance (SINCE 1894) 28 Heads of State Over 300 Ministers, Ambassadors and Representatives Over 300 Chiefs of Staff (Armed Forces or Services) Over 2,500 General Officers Historically, 46% of graduates attain one of these positions Over 7,000 Officers representing 153 Countries

4 !!!!!!! We arent making this up as we go along…. The JSAT serves as the controlling regulation for Administration and the Informational Program.

5 Security Assistance refers to the range of U.S. Government programs through which we aid other nations to defend and preserve their own national security in support of U.S. foreign policy objectives…. The Department of State (DOS) is the program manager The Department of Defense (DOD) implements U.S. Army, Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) executes the Army Security Assistance Training Program Chief, IMSD, serves as the International Military Student Officer for all International Officers studying at CGSC…. Security Assistance Training Program (1 of 2)

6 Countries are invited based on eligibility criteria established in law… HQDA (with non-binding recommendation from CGSC) issues invitations to COCOMs; COCOM invites based on regional engagement strategy…. Officers attend under one of four funding categories: (IMET; FMS; PMEX; CTFP) Policy changes have been significant: -Housing/subsistence: Flat rate replaced by Reimbursable Allowances ($70 a day/$47 a day ~ $3510 per month) - 15 sets of on post quarters available for 10-1 IMS - Tenant obligations when renting -Health Insurance Requirement -Pregnancy Policy, courses over 6 months long Security Assistance Training Program (2 of 2)

7 On Post Housing List 1.Egypt 2.Jordan 3.Lebanon 4.Ukraine 5.Nigeria 1* 6.Georgia 7.Nigeria 2* 8.Morocco (Benkarroum)* 9.Malaysia 10.Nepal (Subba) 11.Albania 12.Turkey 13.Pakistan (Khan) 14.Poland 15.Honduras Morocco (Tazdait)* 17.Philippines 18.Czech Republic 19.Nepal (Thapa) 20.Pakistan (Iqbal) 21.Malawi 22.Lithuania 23.Bangladesh 24.El Salvador 25.Senegal 15 sets of furnished quarters are made available by the Private Partner responsible for housing on the installation – names were drawn by lottery from those countries with Living Allowance supported by the USG…. First 15 will be offered quarters – requires ITO with dependents authorized NLT 26 June and confirmed dependent arrival prior to 1 August Will work down the list as circumstances permit….

8 Create the conditions and climate for sustained professional growth and success; support the Security Assistance Training program objectives through: Administration -- Personal affairs; Discipline; etc. Academics -- International Military Student Preparatory Course Field Studies Program -- Mandated Provide a better understanding of the United States, its people, political system, military, educational institutions, and way of life Sponsorship – Critical Support Network! Expectations! Unaccompanied! IMSD Mission

9 IMS Program Assistant Chief, IMSD Deputy Commandant Director Command & General Staff School IMSD Organization Executive Officer Field Studies Program Manager 2-IMS Program Assistant Personal Affairs Coord2- FSP Coord CommandantDSCA DASA-DEC SATFA (Funding, Administration & Policy)

10 Field Studies Program (Facets) Human Rights Law of War International Peace and Security U.S. Government Institutions Political Processes Judicial System Free Market System Media Education Health and Human Services Diversity and American Life

11 International Military Student Preparatory Course (Jun 26th- Jul 17th) –Covers an overview of American society –Introduces IMS population to each other –Familiarize IMS with the U.S. Army organization, doctrine, and staff procedures –American Orientation Course ongoing at this same time…. Command & General Staff Officer Preparatory Course (Jul 20th-29th – 8 days) –Involves participation by IMS and U.S. officers in non-combat arms branches, and our U.S. sister services –Instructions focus on Army terminology, organization, tactics, logistics, and command and control CGSC International Military Student Preparatory Courses

12 Belize Bolivia Brazil Guyana Jamaica Paraguay Australia Bangladesh Brunei India Indonesia Korea Singapore Sri Lanka Thailand Botswana Djibouti Ethiopia Kenya Malawi Morocco Swaziland Tanzania Uganda Armenia Czech Rep Israel Moldova Slovak Rep Austria Estonia Latvia Serbia Sweden Croatia Germany Lithuania Slovenia UK Bahrain Jordan Kazakhstan Lebanon Pakistan Saudi Arabia Canada (2) 47 Students from 46 Countries CGSS International Class 09-2 Jan 2009 Report

13 Chile Colombia (2) El Salvador Honduras Australia Bangladesh Indonesia Japan Korea Malaysia Nepal (2) Philippines Singapore Taiwan Thailand Botswana Burkina Faso Kenya Liberia Malawi Morocco (2) Nigeria (2) Senegal Albania Azerbaijan Belgium Bosnia-Herzegovina Bulgaria Czech Rep Denmark France Georgia Germany Israel Italy (2) Lithuania Moldova Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania (2) Serbia Slovakia Spain Turkey UK Ukraine Afghanistan Bahrain Egypt Iraq Jordan Kuwait Lebanon Pakistan (2) Saudi Arabia (2) UAE Canada (2) Mexico 69 Students from 60 Countries CGSS International Class 10-1 Jun 2009 Report 2 June 09

14 Classroom work Uniform(s) U.S. Military Customs International Military Student Sponsor Support System Leavenworth / Lansing Fort Leavenworth Kansas City SGA/Student Ambassador Staff Group Airport Greeter American Orientation Course Outside link General Assistance Airport Greeter Family Installation Orientation Housing & Services Vehicle Related Open Bank Account Airport Greeter KC Orientation Outside link General Assistance Provide immediate classroom assistance

15 Books on American Culture American Ways, A Guide for Foreigners in the United States Second Edition, Gary Althen, ISBN Distant Mirrors, America as a Foreign Culture, Second Edition, Edited by Phillip Devita, James D. Armstrong, ISBN The Values Americans Live by, L. Robert Kohls (Handout)

16 Aspects of American life they would not like to take home Excessive individualism Weak family ties Treatment of older people Materialism Competitiveness Rapid pace of life Divorce Free male-female relations Impersonality

17 Aspects of American life they would like to take home Opportunity for individuals to raise their station in life Efficiency of organizations Hard work and productivity Freedom to express opinions openly General sense of freedom

18 Connections between the lists American organizations are efficient because of their impersonality and fast pace If family ties were stronger individuals would not move to get a better job Materialism might motivate people to work harder Individualism goes with the sense of freedom

19 IMS/Sponsor Events Jun- IMS Report Window – Airport Greeter Program/Van 7/8 Jul - IMS/Sponsor Icebreaker (FCC) 4-6 Aug - Wichita Trip 7 Aug – MOWW Ball 10 Aug - International Military Student Flag Ceremony 30 October- Fall Food Fair 11 Dec-10-1 Holiday Dinner Dance (Location TBD) 19 Dec- 2 Jan Summer Break 5 Mar-10-1 Spring Food Fair (Location TBD) Apr Gettysburg/Washington D.C. Trip 28 May Sponsor Appreciation Ceremony 10 Jun – IMS Badge Ceremony

20 Sponsor Organization Notes Contact guidelines and example Sponsors should not rent properties they own or manage to the IMS they sponsor…. IMS personal information (addresses/phone numbers, etc.) should be protected information – please dont share it outside the boundaries of sponsorship…. IMSD PAC will make Hoge reservations for all who request them; sponsors will be told whether or not their IMS requested reservations – Hoge should be able to accommodate all requests during the report window…. REPORT UNREASONABLE IMS REQUESTS TO MR. BRETTMANN OR MR. EXPOSE…. Sponsor coordinators will be called and ed with airport arrival information by IMSD…. 30 day and yearly passes for IMS living on Fort Leavenworth Address questions to IMSD, not the chain of command

21 09-1 Sponsor Exit Surveys Fort Leavenworth Sponsors Excellent-40 Good-17 Fair-6 Poor-2 Operation International Sponsors Excellent-38 Good-8 Fair-12 Poor-7 GKCPTP Sponsors Excellent-35 Good-17 Fair-4 Poor-9

22 International Hall of Fame ( Eligibility: - Resident graduate of a CGSC Regular Course - Through merit serve as the Senior Officer, by rank seniority, in one of his nations service components; or as Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff level; or attain international recognition for significant and enduring military or humanitarian service (Commanding General of UN relief or peace-keeping mission) while holding a rank equivalent to the highest rank held in his nations service. Nominative Process: - Submitted by senior US in-country representative for responsible for Security Assistance; endorsed by the US Ambassador. - Packet is reviewed by USACGSC for completeness and accuracy and then forwarded to DASA-DEC for further Army and interagency clearance. - Induction (for those approved) should not be expected earlier than one year from the date of the submission of the packet. - CGSC holds two induction ceremonies per year….

23 THE LEAVENWORTH EXPERIENCE ?????????????????????? …or Comments….

24 Contact Information Mr. Fain – ; Mr. Brettmann – ; Mr. Expose – ; Ms. Redmon – Airport Greeters

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