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International Military Student Division Sponsorship Info Brief

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1 International Military Student Division Sponsorship Info Brief
US Army Command and General Staff College

2 IMS Info Brief Purpose:
Familiarize Sponsors with the Security Assistance Training Program (SATP) as executed at the US Army Command and General Staff College and Fort Leavenworth.

3 International Military Students
28 Heads of State/Government (4 sitting) > 300 Ministers, Ambassadors and Representatives > 300 Chiefs of Staff (Armed Forces or Services) Historically ~ 50% of graduates attain Flag Rank >7,000 IMS representing 153 Countries since 1894…. King Shaikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa (Bahrain ‘72) Prime Minister Lee (Singapore ’79) President Kagame (’91 President of Rwanda – attended as a Ugandan IMS, did not complete the course – returned home to join rebellion) President Yudhoyono (Indonesia ’91) Influencing leaders today… for tomorrow’s changing world.

4 We don’t make this up! Controlling guidance is DoD/Joint in nature….

5 Fort Leavenworth’s International Community
“Internationals” on the installation exist in one of three groups: - International Military Students - International Exchange Instructors - International Liaison Officers Organizational responsibility: - IMS (IMSD for all) - International Exchange Instructors (School assigned) - International Liaison Officers (CAC G3) The rules are different for each category!

6 SATP The Security Assistance Training Program is owned by DOS.
- origins in the Truman Doctrine - legal basis is the FAA; AECA; and associated legislation - eligibility is “sanctions” driven…. DoD is the Executive Agent USG does not “give away” training, equipments, or services…

7 The Mission of the International Military Student Division
To create the conditions and climate for sustained professional growth and success for International Military Students (IMS); and to support the Security Assistance Training Program through: - Administration: Provide the IMS with advance information to assist them as they travel to Fort Leavenworth; manage all matters pertaining to liaison, personal affairs, welfare, discipline, and official activities of IMS; prepare IMS for return to their home country or travel to Follow on Training; recognize appropriate post graduate high level achievement through the International Hall of Fame. Academics: Assist IMS in developing expertise and skill sets necessary for the effective management of their national forces in rapport with US military forces. - Field Studies Program: Support Phase 0 operations by providing a better understanding of the United States, its people, political system, military, institutions and way of life; manage the sponsorship of IMS through Fort Leavenworth and Civilian Sponsor organizations.

8 Personal Affairs Coord
IMSD Organization Chief, IMSD Executive Officer IMS Program Assistant X2 Personal Affairs Coord Field Studies Program Manager Training & FSP Coord PAO position is not TDA supported All positions within IMSOs will be civilian and GS-7 or higher with 2011 TDA….

9 CGSS International Class 09-1 64 Students from 61 Countries
Jun 2008 Report Albania Czech Rep Germany Macedonia Norway Belgium Denmark Hungary Moldova Poland BH France Ireland Montenegro Romania Bulgaria Georgia Italy Netherlands Spain Turkey Ukraine UK Canada (2) Mexico Jordan Kyrgyzstan Kuwait Oman Pakistan Saudi Arabia (2) UAE Algeria Djibouti Ghana Liberia Kenya Malawi Mali Morocco Nigeria Senegal Tunisia Argentina Chile Colombia (2) El Salvador Honduras Trinidad & Tobago Australia Cambodia Japan Korea Malaysia Mongolia New Zealand Papua New Guinea Philippines Singapore Taiwan Thailand 64 Students from 61 Countries

10 CGSS International Class 09-2 47 Students from 46 Countries
Jan 2009 Report Armenia Czech Rep Israel Moldova Slovak Rep Austria Estonia Latvia Serbia Sweden Croatia Germany Lithuania Slovenia UK Canada (2) Bahrain Jordan Kazakhstan Lebanon Pakistan Saudi Arabia Botswana Djibouti Ethiopia Kenya Malawi Morocco Swaziland Tanzania Uganda Belize Bolivia Brazil Guyana Jamaica Paraguay Australia Bangladesh Brunei India Indonesia Korea Singapore Sri Lanka Thailand 47 Students from 46 Countries

11 Student Selection School Course Method SCP TCDP TBD
SAMS AMSP*** Competitive Selection AOSF Coordinated Invitation (ABCA+) CGSS ILE Resident HQDA invitation ILE DL Coordinated application Other OJT Coordinated application *** continued relationship?

12 ILE International Military Student Preparatory Courses
Overview of American society Introduces IMS population to each other Familiarize IMS with the U.S. Army organization, doctrine, and staff procedures American Orientation Course ongoing at this same time…. ILE Preparatory Course Involves participation by IMS and U.S. officers in non-combat arms branches, and our U.S. sister services Instructions focus on “Army” terminology, organization, tactics, logistics, and command and control.

13 ILE Resident (US Students – 10 Months; IMS – 12 Months)
IMSD Admin Mission -2 .5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 .5 AOWC 3 Dec Thru 1 April ILE CORE W300 BCT SOF BCT EX Electives W100 CJFLCC W200 DIV Doctrine Functions P910/P930 – Initial FSP Operational Environment JIIM Capabilities Planning Session 1 Session 2 C100 Foundations Eagle Owl Div EX JAWS EX 48 Hrs BREAK JAWS Graduation History History 192 Elective Hours Force Management Leadership Leadership Master in Military Art and Science – Selected Students Field Studies Program – International Military Students

14 International Military Student Academic Expectations (ILE)
Do the work Do your own work Do the Group Work …you will not “fail” the course. Alternate evaluation is authorized and appropriate for IMS for whom English is a second language. Does not compromise the academic rigor of the institution….

15 International Peace and Security U.S. Government Institutions
Field Studies Program Human Rights International Peace and Security U.S. Government Institutions Political Processes The Judicial System The Free Market System Media Education Health and Human Services Diversity and American Society Law of War Replacing “Hollywood America” with “Heartland reality”…

16 Field Studies Program (IMSD Execution)
~ 40 discreet events per CGSS IMS cohort Limited impact on other instruction: *3 multi-day RON events: “Wichita” trip (3 day/2 night) Fort Riley/KSU (2 day/1 night) Gettysburg/DC (9 day/8 night) The majority of our FSP events are held during the Prep Courses, in the evenings, or on weekends…. The luncheons “impact” no more than 1 hour each – and are scheduled around published lunch breaks…. The multi-day events require detailed coordination with governmental agencies and Fortune 500 business leaders. They are sometimes directed (as with DC) and always require contractual commitments many months in advance of execution…. Creating “Aha!” moments….

17 International Military Student Sponsor
Support System Leavenworth / Lansing Kansas City Airport Greeter American Orientation Course “Outside” link General Assistance Airport Greeter KC Orientation “Outside” link General Assistance IMS/Family Fort Leavenworth Staff Group Airport Greeter Family Installation Orientation Housing & Services Vehicle Related Open Bank Account Classroom work Uniform(s) U.S. Military Customs SGA/Student Ambassador Provide immediate classroom assistance

18 IMS/Sponsor “Events” 2-4 Jan- IMS Report Window – Airport Greeter Program/Van 13/14 Jan - IMS/Sponsor Icebreaker (FCC) 9 Feb- International Military Student Flag Ceremony 20 March- Spring Food Fair 29 Jun-10 Jul Summer Break 4-6 Aug - Wichita Trip 7 Aug- Military Order of World Wars Ball 25 Sep Fall Food Fair 15-23 Oct Gettysburg/Washington D.C. Trip 20 Nov Sponsor Appreciation Ceremony 4 Dec-09-2 Holiday Dinner Dance 10 Dec – IMS Badge Ceremony

19 Sponsor Organization Notes
Contact guidelines and example Sponsors should not rent properties they own or manage to the IMS they sponsor…. IMS personal information (addresses/phone numbers, etc.) should be protected information – please don’t share it outside the boundaries of sponsorship…. IMSD PAC will make Hoge reservations for all who request them; sponsors will be told whether or not their IMS requested reservations – Hoge should be able to accommodate all requests during the report window…. REPORT UNREASONABLE IMS REQUESTS TO MR. BRETTMANN OR MR. EXPOSE…. Sponsor coordinators will be called and ed with airport arrival information by IMSD…. 30 day and yearly passes for IMS living on Fort Leavenworth Address questions to IMSD, not the chain of command

20 09-1 Sponsor Surveys Fort Leavenworth Sponsors
Excellent Good Fair Poor-0 Operation International Sponsors Excellent Good Fair Poor-5 GKCPTP Sponsors Excellent Good Fair Poor-4

21 International Hall of Fame (IHOF)
Created to provide a distinct means of recognizing International graduates who achieved, through military merit, the highest positions of leadership in their nation’s military service. Eligibility based on graduation from a senior professional military education resident program of instruction for which CGSC awards a diploma. IMSD staffs nominations (received from US Country Teams) with final approval by CSA. Ceremonies are planned and executed by G3(VCO) and CAC Exec Services. Currently 230 inductees from 63 countries. Two induction ceremonies annually ~ 6-8 inductees per year.

22 International Hall of Fame (IHOF)
Approved, awaiting induction: LTG(ret) Weheba (Egypt) LTG (ret) Ng (Singapore) LTG Njoroge (Kenya) GEN Aronda (Uganda) *GEN Moeen (Bangladesh) * Scheduled for induction – 15/16 April 2009

23 On Post Housing List Armenia Belize Bolivia Estonia India Kazakhstan
Latvia Lithuania Moldova Pakistan Paraguay Slovakia Sri Lanka Serbia

24 Know Your World (A104) 17 Sep 08 Netherlands
15 Oct 08 Trinidad & Tobago 20 Nov 08 Jordan 17 Dec 08 Malaysia 21 Jan 09 Kenya 18 Feb 09 Chile

25 Questions/Comments?

26 Contact Information Mr. Fain – ; Mr. Brettmann – ; Mr. Expose – ; Ms. Redmon –

27 Senior Professional Military Education Selection Process
US Security Cooperation personnel identify country specific requirement(s) Country specific requirements consolidated and rank ordered (annually) by COCOM Staff; forwarded to HQDA ODASA-DEC executes interagency staffing and balances COCOM requests with Army specific Security Cooperation Guidance* USACGSC configures appropriate administrative support, based on cohort demographics; receives IMS and family Army Chief of Staff approves invitation list, authorizes invitation cable* US Security Cooperation personnel (formerly known as Security Assistance personnel) in Joint Staff Officer assignments at US missions abroad are responsible for identifying country specific training and education requirements in support of DOD’s role as executive agent in the Joint Security Cooperation Education and Training Program. Country specific requirements are consolidated and rank ordered at Joint Security Cooperation Training Program Management Reviews (TPMR) conducted annually by the Regional COCOM staff responsible for Security Cooperation (J3 in most COCOMs – but J4 in USEUCOM). Requirements are forwarded to HQDA for staffing (Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Defense Exports and Cooperation (ODASA-DEC) has primary responsibility for both intra and interagency staffing of the consolidated lists. Subsequent to sanction determination, the COCOM lists are balanced against the Army’s Security Cooperation Guidance, and specific country allocations are made (for example, the Army’s top 3 priorities may all be PACOM countries). In the case of the USACGSC this process continues until 66 seats are filled (for June report); and 44 seats are filled (for January report). Invitation list goes to Chief of Staff of the Army for final approval, and once any adjustments are made the CSA authorizes ODASA-DEC to transmit the invitation cable to the COCOMs. Responsible COCOM staff relay invitations to the originating US Security Cooperation personnel - who relay the invitations to the sending country. Sending country nominates a participant, based on the course prerequisites. US Security Cooperation personnel initiate required predeparture vetting, medical screening, and produce the Invitational Travel Order. USACGSC develops administrative support plan and Field Studies Program to meet the requirements of the cohort. US Security Cooperation personnel initiate coordination for funding, security vetting, and production of an Invitational Travel Order ODASA-DEC sends cable to COCOMs, specifying invitees* Sending Country nominates candidate, based on course prerequisites COCOMs pass invitations to selected in country US Security Cooperation personnel

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