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SWWT FP7 space weather brainstorming meeting IAP, Paris 23 rd Jan, 09:30 to 17:30.

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1 SWWT FP7 space weather brainstorming meeting IAP, Paris 23 rd Jan, 09:30 to 17:30

2 SWWT AGENDA. 1.Welcome, practical arrangements –Pay 12 Euros cash only for lunch if taken at Observatory (1300); 24 Euros if staying tomorrow; –Buy tickets during coffee break today (main + 3 side dishes + drink + coffee) –Access code for return 1232 2. Agree agenda 3. General background 4. Apologies & ideas 5. Space weather interests 6. Fit to themes –Space –Infrastructures –Transport –Security 7. Summarise actions 8. AOB (details on later slides)

3 SWWT BACKGROUND: USER NEEDS. SpW has application to real-world problems that are important for Europe: –navigation, comms, spaceflight, etc. Much scope if we address real user needs, –Consider interplay of science, technology & economics –e.g. HF comms in context of ALE.. Use Pasteurs quadrant as guide/tool –Look at mix between pure + applied –Stress use-inspired basic research? –Aid to compete with other space science

4 SWWT BACKGROUND: OTHER FP7. EuroPlanet (planetary network, I3 for FP7) –Radiation environments (PN) –Other (JL/MH) atmospheric modelling/drag ionospheric effects on radio signals solar farside monitoring space weather & exploration –Meets at ESTEC 26/27 Feb Astronet (ERANET on future infrastructures, incl solar) –Meeting now in Poitiers –SWWT input provided HEAPNET (astroparticle physics network) –Possible overlaps in detectors (& heliospheric shielding?) –Meets in Amsterdam Feb 19/20.

5 SWWT BACKGROUND: FP7 status. Space –Open call, closes 19 June 2007 –Heavily weighted to GMES –Some scope for space science & space technology Is space environment in technology Strategic Research Agenda? –No call in 2008, next in 2009 Infrastructures –Open call, mainly e-infrastructures, closes 2 May 2007. –I3 (network, TNA, JRA + synergy) call in 2008 Security –Open call, closes 31 May 2007 –Includes security of civil infrastructures Cascade threat to power grids is highlighted –Further calls in autumn 2007 and in 2008

6 SWWT BACKGROUND: FP7 status 2. Transport –Defines Galileo/EGNOS themes Exploiting full potential, tools –Implementation left to Supervisory Authority –Call due in 2007, build on EGNOS Tactics: –is it important to submit a proposal into the space theme? –demonstrate interest & raise awareness of space weather? –How to influence 2009 space call?

7 SWWT APOLOGIES & IDEAS Werner Schmutz (Davos) – nowcasting of upper atmosphere chemistry (Proba 2/LYRA) Alan Dodson (Nottingham) - scintillation (COST 296) Richard Horne (BAS) – nuclear explosions in space Wolfgang Keil (Astrium) – spacecraft effects

8 SWWT Space weather interests. Planetary space weather Ionospheric effects & knowledge GIC Satellite effects Aviation Nuclear explosions in space Biological effects of radiation Solar UV variability Virtual observatories for space weather Space climate and global change

9 SWWT Planetary space weather –Radiation environments (PN) –atmospheric modelling/drag –Ionospheric effects on radio signals Magnetic anomalies on Mars are key target Auroral and dynamo effects ? –Solar farside monitoring 50% of planetary SpW originates on farside helioseismology, Lyman-α scatter –Space weather & exploration Radiation and charging effects on Moon Mitigation techniques

10 SWWT Ionospheric effects Better 3-D real-time specification of the ionosphere? –measurements: horizontal and vertical resolution –calibration: sondes, langmuir probes –modelling, –data management –targeted products for end users Space-based SAR needs awareness of ionosphere –relevant to GMES? –e.g. carbon content of vegetation Parallel capacity for better collaboration with US?

11 SWWT GIC Important SpW effect, e.g. as in ESA cost benefit study. Do we need to raise awareness of the issue? –domino effects - small problem triggers cascade –Has industry awareness declined since last Max –No major GIC during Halloween storms 2003. Adapt FP6 proposals? –Target Security theme

12 SWWT Spacecraft effects S/C development –design (tools), –criteria and means for active protection (operation) of S/C against massive SpW effects (e.g. CME) SpW spaceborne monitoring: –dedicated satellite platforms on suitable orbits; –definition of state of the art instrumentation –definition of pointing requirements –Trade platforms against monitoring goals and instrumentation SpW affect military operations and surveillance

13 SWWT Virtual observatories Look for synergy with other topics, e.g. heliophysics/STP has common interest in developing VO standards and tools for time series data which have been neglected by astronomy-driven grid projects.

14 SWWT Aviation Radiation – avionics Radiation – people*. EU directive - SpW not well integrated into current legal framework –In-flight measurements to validate models –Longer-flights – A380, etc HF radio propagation – oceans, poles Satcom, Sat nav – scintillation* at equator & auroral zone – impact on time critical issues –What is timescale for implementation? Sat nav, TEC issues

15 SWWT Artificial space weather effects Artificial space weather effects, –production of artificial radiation belts (as 1962) –EMP similar effects to GIC –Ionospheric heating Implications for European space assets –Galileo, GMES –generic security issue. Activities –Mitigation research - dissipate artificial radiation belts to reduce cumulative damage? –Raise awareness, e.g. EMP. –Assessment of source of problem

16 SWWT Biological effects of radiation

17 SWWT Solar UV Data from LYRA on PROBA2 will stimulate this area, e.g. PMOD/WRC building tools to nowcast state of the chemical composition of the upper terrestrial atmosphere. TIGER. Thermosphere-Ionosphere … Retrieving whole spectrum Check between UV and EUV

18 SWWT Solar monitoring H-alpha monitoring – current telescopes have low cadence, improve (30s) to see Morton waves Radio obs on http://secchirh.obspm.fr Browser at RoB; Is there scope to fly on meteorological s/c?

19 SWWT Space climate and global change


21 Fit to themes Space Infrastructures Transport Security

22 SWWT End AOB –?



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