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I3/CA Europlanet - EC Contract 001637 - EUROPLANET A network of the EU in support to the strengthening of planetary sciences.

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1 I3/CA Europlanet - EC Contract EUROPLANET A network of the EU in support to the strengthening of planetary sciences in Europe M. Blanc, M. Dougherty, J.-P. Lebreton, E. Flamini, C. Guidice, I. Muller-Wodarg, O. Witasse, G. Chanteur, O. Dutuit, F. Ferri, B. Kazeminejad, N. Krupp, H. Matti, S. Miller, M. Roos-Serote, H. Rucker, R. Srama, K. Szego, J. Zarnecki. European Planetology Network

2 I3/CA Europlanet - EC Contract NASA-led missions with some European participation (MSL, Dawn, …) FP7 Extension ?

3 I3/CA Europlanet - EC Contract The Instrument used - 6 th EC Framework Programme Action 3 « Structuring the ERA » - Programme: Infrastructures - Instrument: Coordination Action = Networking of participant teams

4 I3/CA Europlanet - EC Contract Project duration: 48 months - Budget: 2 M - Number of labs involved: 60 - Number of participants: countries represented The EC contribution will: - set-up the network - stimulate exchanges and joint research activities But not fund research internal to participants. Key figures

5 I3/CA Europlanet - EC Contract key activities N2: Discipline working groups N3: Coordination of Earth based & space observations N4: Outreach N5: Personnel exchanges N6: Meetings N7: Integrated and Distributed Information Service

6 I3/CA Europlanet - EC Contract Step 1 : DWGs linked to the Cassini/Huygens mission. Discipline Working Groups planetary and solar system formation evolution and variability planetary atmospheres, ionospheres and exospheres small bodies and dust planetary moons planetary magnetospheres and plasmas exo/astrobiology exoplanet science planetary interior and composition surface science N2: Discipline Working Groups Planetary space weather ???

7 I3/CA Europlanet - EC Contract N3: Coord. Earth based & space observations Develop synergies between the in-situ exploration of Saturn and Titan, ground and earth-orbit observations. Establish a global observation strategy (including access to telescopes). Exchange and jointly analyse the data obtained.

8 I3/CA Europlanet - EC Contract N4: Outreach Identify EuroPlaNet as a contact point for Planetary Sciences in Europe. Develop science communication on planetary observation and exploration programmes for European citizens, especially children and young people. Space weather outreach activities ? (contacts with astronauts, solar forecasts aso…)

9 I3/CA Europlanet - EC Contract N5: Personnel exchanges Fund short-term exchanges of personnel in support to joint research projects. Foster long-term cooperations.

10 I3/CA Europlanet - EC Contract N6: Meetings Organise EuroPlaNet General Assemblies. Work for the creation of major Planetary Sciences meeting in Europe (starting in 2006) in collaboration with Planetary and Spaces sciences societies. Organise dedicated science workshops. ESWW must stay visible !!!!

11 I3/CA Europlanet - EC Contract N7: IDIS Coordinate preliminary studies for the implementation of IDIS (Integrated and Distributed Information Service). Coordinate the prospect of the future development of a European planetary virtual observatory (7 th FP). We already have a very strong experience in this domain (European Space Weather Web Portal). How to collaborate / link / merge …?

12 I3/CA Europlanet - EC Contract Europlanet is actually organizing Networking Activities (NAs), but is submitting a FP7 proposal in order to become a I3. I3 may organize NAs, JRAs (Joint Research Activities) and TNAs (Trans-National Access). Europlanet released a call for idea in order to see whether such a new organization is feasible

13 I3/CA Europlanet - EC Contract propositions to Europlanet I3: before the end of Feb. meeting. We could envision proposing: One (or more) different JRAs or TNAs. In the list of already proposed activities, several already have a space weather colour such as: JRA3: Response of planetary atmospheres over time to extreme solar conditions (Lammer) JRA13: Modelling the atmospheres of planets: support for ground-based and space-based measurements (Miller) One NA totally devoted to the coordination of planetary space weather, which would be a disciplinary working group (an equivalent of a COST action)

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