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SWWT SWWT meeting #24 ESWW5, Brussels 19 th Nov 2008, 18:30 to 20:00.

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1 SWWT SWWT meeting #24 ESWW5, Brussels 19 th Nov 2008, 18:30 to 20:00

2 SWWT AGENDA. 1. Introduction and welcome, agree agenda 2. Key actions from previous meetings –WMO activity 3. FP7 and space weather - short status –2010 Space Call 4. Nominations for new SWWT Chair 5. Space Weather in proposed ESA SSA programme –programme status (AH) –review existing SpW resources available to the SSA

3 SWWT FP7 Space Workplan Includes reference to space weather under 2. Action areas strengthening of foundations of Space science and technology –Research into reducing the vulnerability of space assets Space weather gives us displays of the aurora, or northern lights. However, at its worst, it is a natural hazard which can catastrophically disrupt the operations of many technological systems, thus causing disruption to peoples lives and jobs. Space storms (particles or electromagnetic) are a recognised aerospace hazard and can cause major failures, e.g. onboard spacecraft, in electrical power grids, in telecommunications links (satellite, launcher and ground-based). Being a cyclical phenomenon, more accurate prediction, assessment and early-warning capabilities of disruptive events are particularly poignant during the current approach of the next solar maximum (around 2011). The work programme will support European coordination activities both to ensure the open exchange of information on emergencies that may have been caused by space weather events, with the goal of structuring international and European research efforts. The goal will be to both improve the forecast and prediction of events, by improved monitoring of the solar activities that are the main cause of space weather, and to identify best practices to limit the consequences to space- based (and certain strategic ground-based) infrastructures.

4 SWWT FP7 Space Workplan SpW has not yet been subject of a call. But is being positively considered for 2010 Call Release July 2009, proposals due Nov 2009 Much EU discussion & negotiation before July Invited by Commission rep to supply short briefing (next week) Possible content –Scope of space weather to be called? –Why now? –What are European strengths that FP7 can extend?

5 SWWT Scope of space weather to be called? Direct spacecraft issues Ionospheric issues (comms, GNSS, radar) Key open science topics –Rad belt dynamics, Dont include GIC –We need to push this in the Security theme

6 SWWT Why now? Approach to solar max? –Does this pose problem for 2015? Timeliness for future Euro projects

7 SWWT What are European strengths? TBD

8 SWWT New SWWT Chair Aim is select new Chair for handover at SWWT meeting in May/June 2009 Have a few nominations –Some nominees considering options Also have suggestion to review plans after MC decision on SSA –SSA will be major driver on role of Chair –Desirable to have Chair from SSA member state? Will discuss at Steering Board tomorrow Do we need a search committee to review/ encourage good candidates? –Committee would produce a list of candidates –Vote in early 2009 –Who should be on a search committee (MH, ESA rep, + ??)

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