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Briefing and Sharing Session on Diversity Learning Grant (DLG) Date: 10 March 2010 (Wednesday) Time:9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Venue: Lecture Theatre, 4/F,

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1 Briefing and Sharing Session on Diversity Learning Grant (DLG) Date: 10 March 2010 (Wednesday) Time:9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Venue: Lecture Theatre, 4/F, West Block, Kowloon Tong Education Service Centre, Kowloon Tong

2 Programme TimeContentSpeaker 9:30 – 9:45 a.m. Registration 9:45 – 10:30 a.m. Brief report on the CM on DLG and key issues regarding Other Languages and Network Programmes Mr Simon Ip Chief Curriculum Development Officer (Council and Secondary) 10:30 – 11:15 a.m. Sharing on the implementation of Japanese Language and Network Programmes in schools Ms Lau Pui Ki, Japanese Teacher Wong Shiu Chi Secondary School Ms Mendy Cheng and Ms Eva Kam Wanchai District School Network Senior Secondary Music Partnership Programme Mr Lam Ka Yiu, Vice Principal South Tuen Mun Govt Secondary School 11:15 – 11:30 a.m. Break 11:30 a.m. – 12:10 p.m. Key issues concerning Gifted Education Programmes Mr C P Wong Senior Curriculum Development Officer (Gifted Education) 12:10 – 12:30 p.m. Questions and AnswersAll Speakers

3 DLG for the Second Cohort of New Senior Secondary Students (from 2010/11 to 2012/13 school years) Other Languages and Other Programmes Ref: EDBCM No. 13/2010

4 Provisional ApL courses & Adapted ApL courses (for ID students) will be announced in the beginning of 11/12 school year Separate CMs invite application and separate briefing will be conducted at due course Applied Learning

5 Categories of the DLG Applied Learning (ApL) For S5-S6 (i.e. from 2011 onwards) 75% of the average course fee (for 2 years) of the ApL courses enrolled by the school as a whole, with a subsidy ceiling of $8,250 per student per course. A safety net for ApL courses will be put in place to assist schools with genuine financial difficulty, such as schools having eight NSS classes or more per level This would be considered on a case-by-case basis.

6 Average course fee : average course fee means average fee of all the ApL courses enrolled by that particular cohort of students in the school Will be further analysed in the ApL presentation which will be conducted at a later stage

7 Categories of the DLG Other Languages (OL) $3,500 per student per year AS-Level French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Hindi and Urdu Offered by the Cambridge International Examination (CIE) and administrated by the HKEAA

8 Linkage of the AS Level CIE CIE (from HKEAA): _Information/other_lang/ _Information/other_lang/ CIE Website: Cambridge International AS Level Subjects: c/uppersec/alevel c/uppersec/alevel

9 Statistics of DLG for 09/10 s.y. Other Languages Number of Schools involved: 32 Number of Students Other Languages: 707 Number of 1 st cohort of NSS students taking OL: French:228 German:2 Japanese:381 Spanish:59 Hindi:25 Urdu:12

10 Categories of the DLG Other Programmes (OP) $7,000 per NSS class per year Gifted Education programmes Network programmes

11 Level 3: Level 2: Level 1: X OP–Gifted Education Programmes

12 OP – Network Programmes NSS subjects School-based Assessment Qualified subject teachers Inform HKEAA

13 In accordance with the introduction of 12 years of free education, schools should not charge students additional fees for taking ApL courses, Other Languages and network programmes. Can schools charge students fee for taking the DLG programmes?

14 Gifted Education Programmes enhancement programmes like the fee- charging credit-bearing programmes/ web- based courses offered by local and overseas tertiary institutions fee may be charged

15 Statistics of DLG for 09/10 s.y. Network Programmes Number of Schools involved: 51 (47 Ordinary Schools + 4 Special Schools) Number of Groups:26 Number of Subjects involved: 12 (Chi. Literature, Chi. Language (non-Chinese speaking), DAT, ERS, Health, ICT, IS, Music, PE, T&L, Tourism, VA)

16 Application Procedures On or Before 9 May 2010

17 3-year Plan Broaden subject choices for students Endorsed by their SMC/IMC Incorporated into the schools annual plan in the form of an annex Uploaded onto schools homepage before the end of November 2010

18 Upload before end of November No need to submit to EDB

19 Payment and Accounting Arrangement of OL and OP AidedSpecial School CaputDSSGovernment DisbursementAugust 2010 AdjustmentDecember 2010April 2011 DisbursementAugust 2011 AdjustmentDecember 2011April 2012 DisbursementAugust 2012 AdjustmentDecember 2012April 2013 Deficit arrangement Surplus of the General Domain of the OEBG/ EOEBG Surplus of Fee Subsidy/ DSS Grant Surplus of the ES&CBG Claw back/ lapse31 August, 201331 March, 2014

20 Financial Arrangement for the 2nd Cohort of NSS students August 2010 ApLOLOP December 2010August 2011 December 2011August 2012December 2012 Same Treatment for the 3 rd Cohort

21 Therefore in 2012/13.. DLG ApL DLG OL DLG OP DLG ApL DLG OL DLG OP DLG OL DLG OP 4th Cohort (2012-2015) [Under review] 3rd Cohort (2011-2014) 2nd Cohort (2010-2013) DLG ApL

22 Hiring Outside Services, Purchases and Staff Appointment Aided schools: EDB Circular No. 15/2007 dated 14 December 2007 on Tendering and Purchasing Procedures. DSS & Caput schools: Refer to EDB Circular No. 15/2007 DSS schools: Should read circular letter on Financial Management in Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools dated 21 November 2007. Government Schools: SPR DLG should cover all appointment related expenditures including salaries, leave entitlement and related benefits such as Mandatory Provident Fund and any other statutory benefits conferred by the Employment Ordinance.

23 Other Issues Insurance Q22: Some schools hold a number of activities during holidays outside the school premises or even outside Hong Kong. Would these activities be covered by the BIP? A22: Yes, provided that the activities are organised/endorsed by the school/Education Bureau (EDB). The policys geographical limit is extended to worldwide in respect of temporary visits. SBA Right to teach Grant adjustment mechanism Auditing

24 Enquiry or General enquiryMs Diana TANG(Tel. no. 2892 6433) ApLMs Ada CHAN(Tel. no. 3698 3165) ApL (ID)Ms KUK Yuet-kuen(Tel. no. 2892 6524) Other LanguagesMs Diana TANG(Tel. no. 2892 6433) Other Programmes - Network programmes - Gifted Education programmes Ms Diana TANG Mr WONG Chung-po (Tel. no. 2892 6433) (Tel. no. 3698 3473)

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