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1 Progress of the Development of the HKDSE Examination March 2008.

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1 1 Progress of the Development of the HKDSE Examination March 2008

2 2 Development of HKDSE Examination Administration HKDSE Examination Regulations International Recognition

3 3 Examination Administration (1) Last HKCEE in 2010 Subjects offered in HKCEE 2011 for private candidates: (based on past statistics on repeaters) The above list to be incorporated in the 2010 HKCEE Regulations and Syllabuses and be announced in May 2008. 1. Chinese Language2. English Language3. Mathematics 4. Additional Mathematics5. Biology6. Buddhist Studies 7. Chemistry8. Chinese History9. Chinese Literature 10. Commerce11. CIT12. Economics 13. Geography14. History15. Integrated Humanities 16. Physics17. Principles of Accounts18. Putonghua 19. Religious Studies20. Science and Technology21. Travel and Tourism 22. Visual Arts

4 4 Examination Administration (2) Sample papers, level descriptors and SBA handbooks ready by 1Q 2009. Draft materials disseminated and briefing sessions conducted for teachers in 4Q 2008.

5 5 Examination Administration (3) Piloting of sample papers Administration of reference tests

6 6 HKDSE Examination Regulations (1) Three subject categories: Category A: 24 NSS Subjects Category B: Applied Learning Courses Category C: Other Languages Results will be reported on the HKDSE certificate

7 7 HKDSE Examination Regulations (2) Issues: (a) Max. no. of subjects (b) Candidates taking both HKALE & HKDSE (c) Date of release of results

8 8 HKDSE Examination Regulations (3) First draft ready by end of 2008 School registration for participation in HKDSE to start in late 2008

9 9 International Recognition (1) Continue existing practice with Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) moderation of question papers vetting of pilot scripts

10 10 International Recognition (2) Arrange research studies with NARIC, UCAS and other professional bodies

11 11 International Recognition (3) Research studies completed by 2011 the latest First announcement on international recognition in September 2009

12 12 Views and Suggestions

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