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2 PURPOSE To help students with limited English proficiency (LEP) to master the state curriculum. To teach English to all students in the program.

3 WHO DO WE SERVE? Children who have a language other than English in their homes and need help learning English. English speaking children may also participate in bilingual education programs to become proficient in two languages.

4 HOW ELSE WILL THE PROGRAM HELP? Helps build knowledge and learning of academic subjects in the first language and in English. Instills in children a positive identity, pride in their cultural heritage, self- assurance and confidence.

5 HOW ARE PARENTS NOTIFIED OF THE PROGRAM? Personal contact at registration Eagle TV – Channel 11 Information letters sent home

6 PARENT QUESTIONS… Will my child be taught the same subjects and learn the same skills as students in the regular program? Will my child learn English? YES

7 Contact Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD Bilingual Education Juanita Davila, Director 1301 South Eddy Street – PO Box 869 Pecos, Texas 79772 (915) 447-7263

8 Contact Texas Education Agency Bilingual Education Unit Division of Curriculum and Professional Development 1701 North Congress Avenue Austin, Texas 78701-1494 (512) 475-3555

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