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Standards-Based Report Cards in Waxahachie ISD

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1 Standards-Based Report Cards in Waxahachie ISD
Kindergarten Level

2 What is a Standards-Based Report Card?
It reports a child’s progress toward meeting state and district standards in areas of content and performance. It gives specific information on a student’s level of proficiency on a given standard.

3 Who Benefits from the Standards-Based Report Card?
Parents/Guardians and children can be more aware of what is expected. It provides parents/guardians with a more detailed outline of the expectations in each of the major academic areas. It breaks down the state’s standards, so parents/guardians can see the specific area, or areas, in which their child could use extra practice. Teachers can get a better understanding of what each child should know and be able to do at the kindergarten level.

4 How does the Standards-Based Report Card Compare to the Letter Grade System?
Letter grades measure how well children do in comparison to their classmates. The standards-based report card measures how well an individual child is doing in relation to the grade level standards, not the work of other children. This gives parents/guardians a better understanding of their child’s strengths and weaknesses and encourages all children to do their best.

5 Why Did We Need a Change? The traditional system was based on many factors including work habits, attitude and other variables. A standards-based report card gives specific information concerning a child’s level of proficiency on a given standard. The focus is on what the child actually learns. It’s best for the child!

6 What Will the Report Card Look Like?
The report card will look different than the traditional one at grades 1-5 that reports a numerical grade for each subject. We want to communicate to families what we expect children to know, be able to do, and understand.

7 What Will the Report Card Look Like?
New Layout Nine Week Grading Periods Subjects all on Front Student Responsibilities and Attendance on Back Rubric Performance Indicators Comment Section Teacher Conference Request Section

8 What is a Standard? A statement that identifies what children should know and be able to do. In Texas, the standards are called the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, or TEKS. The exact wording from the kindergarten TEKS are located on the kindergarten report card. You can find the Kindergarten TEKS at:

9 What are Performance Levels?
Levels will be used on the Standards-Based Report Card to indicate a child’s level of understanding and performance, based on the standards that are set for the entire year.

10 Knowledge and Skills Statements
Shelle (5 minutes) Fix 3 on final Rubric based on knowledge and skills statement Clearly defines student expectations for parents ELAR - developmental and students are not mastering them in a linear fashion All other subjects – show progression of performance indicators in a linear manner Special areas Parents will receive document at parent conference Entire document posted on website

11 It’s aligned! Shelle

12 WISD Kindergarten Assessment Parent/Guardian Support
Parent-Teacher Conferences Parent Orientation Night Standards-based Report Cards Quarterly District Kindergarten Spotlights Local and Standardized Assessment Reports Skyward Family Access CSCOPE Parent Portal Website support at

13 Kindergarten Parent Support from the beginning…
Envelope Sends A Message! Kindergarten Parent Support from the beginning… Tricia Remember at the beginning we said that Kindergarten is the foundation. We want to make this evident to our parents. Message to Parents: Kindergarten is an exciting year for our students as they begin their educational journey. It builds the foundation for life-long learning. Let’s talk about how the envelope works Parents keep the report card and return it. Promotion standards will be stated here

14 Need More Information? For more information about the WISD Kindergarten Report Card and assessment system, feel free to contact… Your child’s kindergarten teacher, Your campus literacy coach, You campus principal, Mrs. Shelle Blaylock, Coordinator for Curriculum and Intervention Programs at (972) , or Mr. David Truitt, Deputy Superintendent, at (972)

15 Remember… it doesn’t matter where the child starts, it’s where he or she finishes!

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