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ESPON 2013 Programme European Observation Network on Territorial Development and Cohesion TIGER - Kick-off meeting 11 May 2010.

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1 ESPON 2013 Programme European Observation Network on Territorial Development and Cohesion TIGER - Kick-off meeting 11 May 2010

2 ESPON – The History European Spatial Development Perspective (ESDP), 1999 - “There is a need for detailed analysis of European spatial development on a common statistical basis over a longer period.” - “ The institutionalisation of a "European Spatial Planning Observatory Network" should be undertaken at the earliest opportunity taking into account the experience gained in the study programme.” Study Programme on European Spatial Planning (SPESP), 1998-2000 ESPON 2006, 2002-2006 - 14 mill Euro - 30+ applied research projects

3 Political context ESDP Cohesion Policy Lisbon Agenda Lisbon Treaty => Territorial Cohesion Green Paper on Territorial Cohesion Territorial Agenda New financing period 2014-2020 Europe 2020

4 The ESPON 2013 Programme Role in Structural Funds 2007-2013: – Support policy development with evidence on European territorial structures, trends, perspectives and policy impacts Mission: – Provide comparable information on territorial dynamics that can reveal territorial capital and potentials Budget 2007-13: – 47 mill Euro, – 34 mill. Euro from the European Commission – 13 mill. Euro from 31 countries participating (EU 27 plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) Programme structure: – 5 Programme priorities

5 Management structure Monitoring Committee (MC): 27 Member States, 4 Partner States, European Commission Managing (MA) and Paying Authority (PA): Ministry of the Interior Luxembourg Coordination Unit (CU) (Esch-sur-Alzette) Concertation Committee (CC): MA, 3 MC members (current EU presidency + 2 following ones), European Commission Transnational Project Groups (TPGs) ESPON Contact Points (ECPs)

6 ESPON 2013 Programme budget TOTAL€45,378 mill. (ERDF 34,033 mill.) Priority 1: Applied research€19,241 mill. Priority 2: Targeted analysis€6,536 mill. Priority 3: Scientific platform€6,148 mill. Priority 4: Capitalisation€5,514 mill. Priority 5: Technical Assistance, Analytical Support and Communication €7.938 mill. Additional contribution from Partner States: 1,8 € Mio. (Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein)

7 P 1 - Applied Research (1) 6 first projects, 1 final, 5 ongoing: – Cities and Urban Agglomerations/Functionality and development opportunities for European competitiveness and cohesion (FOCI) – Development Opportunities in different types of Rural Areas (EDORA) – Demography and Migratory Flows affecting European regions and cities (DEMIFER) – Effects of Rising Energy Prices on Regional Competitiveness (RERISK) – Territorial Impact Assessment of Policies (TIP TAP) – Climate Change and Territorial Effects on regions and local economies (CLIMATE)

8 P1 - Applied Research (2) 9 new projects decided in February 2010: – Attractiveness of European regions and cities for residents and visitors – European patterns of land use – Territorial cooperation in transnational areas and across internal/external borders – Accessibility at regional/local scale and patterns in Europe – Secondary growth poles in territorial development – European perspective on specific types of territories – Territorial dimension of innovation and knowledge economy – Continental territorial structures and flows (globalisation) – Territorial and Regional sensitivity of EU Directives

9 P1 - Applied Research (3) 2 new projects being launched on 3 May 2010: – Services of General Interest – European Seas in Territorial Development Second screening of Stakeholder demand starting on 15 March 2010

10 P 2 – Targeted Analyses: Use of ESPON results (1) – The Case for Agglomeration Economies in Europe/CAEE (Manchester, Barcelona, Dublin and Lyon) – The Development of the Islands – European Islands and Cohesion Policy/EUROISLANDS (Ministry of Economy and Finance, GR plus 9 stakeholders) – Cross-Border Polycentric Metropolitan Regions/MetroBorder (Ministries in CH, LU, BE, DE and FR) – Success for Convergence Regions’ Economies/SURE (Campania Region plus regions in PO, ES and GR) – Spatial Scenarios: New Tools for Local-Regional Territories/SS-LR (Regions of Barcelona, Torino and Herault) – Territorial Diversity/TeDi (Ministries in NO, FI, CH, CY, MT, RO and SE)

11 P 2 - Targeted Analysis (2) New projects decided in February 2010: – Potential of Rural Regions/PURR (Notodden municipality, Cesis District, North Yorkshire county and Wales) – Transnational Support Method for European Cooperation/ TranSMEC (North West Europe programme)

12 P 2 - Targeted Analysis (3) Next projects being launched on 3 May 2010 – ESPON and TIA/EATIA – Yardsticks for Cross-border Spatial Development/ULYSSES – Regional Integrated Strategies/RISE – Polycentric Metropolisation in Central Europe/POLYCE – Territorial Performance Monitoring/TPM – Development conditions for Paris, Berlin, Warsaw/BEST METROPOLISES – Migration and gender balance in rural regions/SEMIGRA – Smart Institutions for Territorial Development/SMART-IST – Airports as Drivers in Peripheral Regions/ADES – Advanced Monitoring of regional R&D/AMCER

13 More information Thank you for your attention. Please have a look at where all ESPON synthesis documents, final and interim results, data and mapping tools are available for free.

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