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Back to School Night Lori Bagby Second Grade Southeast Elementary.

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1 Back to School Night Lori Bagby Second Grade Southeast Elementary

2 Student Goals Love of Learning Independent Responsible Compassionate Resourceful Flexible Knowledgeable

3 Teacher Goals Support and Nurture Develop Talents Meet Individual Needs Integrate Learning Styles Connect Curriculum to the Real-World Challenge and/or Restructure Stay Connected to Home

4 Curriculum- Where does it come from?

5 2nd Grade Curriculum ReadingLanguage ArtsMathematics Science and HealthSocial Studies and Geography Character Education and Tribes TechnologyWorld LanguageSpecials: Art, Music, P.E.

6 Reading: McGraw-Hill Reading Series: Phonics instruction Leveled readers support fluency Guided oral and silent reading Comprehension strategies Vocabulary development Expository text Differentiated Instruction Assessment Additional Resources and Experiences: Read aloud time Sustained silent reading Genre Study –Humorous fiction Folktales, trickster tales and fables Story elements –Characters –Setting –Problem –Events –Solution/resolution

7 Language Arts Write Source Spelling: Pre-assessment determines needs Words organized by patterns and/or developmental features Weekly spelling activities and test Addition of other words –Misspelled words in context –500 frequently spelled words Writing: Process of writing Forms of writing Tools of learning Proofreader’s guide Additional Resources and Experiences: Communicating through writing –Journal writing –Personal narratives –Poetry –Story writing –Expository writing –Friendly letters Writing Process –Pre-writing –Editing/revising –Publishing Zaner-Bloser Handwriting

8 Mathematics Everyday Mathematics: Emphasizes conceptual understanding while building a mastery of basic skills Explores the full mathematics spectrum, not just basic arithmetic Based on how children learn, what they’re interested in, and the future for which they must be prepared Program Highlights: Problem solving for everyday situations Developing readiness through hands-on activities Links between past experiences and new concepts Sharing ideas through discussion Cooperative learning through partner and small-group activities Practice through games On-going review throughout the year Daily routines Informal assessment Home and school partnership

9 Everyday Mathematics Content Strands K-3: Data and Chance Geometry Measurement and Reference Frames Numeration Operations and Computation Patterns, Functions, and Algebra Themes Woven Throughout Each Strand: Algorithmic and Procedural Thinking Estimation Skills and Number Sense Mental Arithmetic Skills and Reflexes Problem Solving

10 Science and Health Science and Technology for Children: Students make their own discoveries Knowledge is actively constructed by the learner Hands-on experimental environment Scientific reasoning skills Units of Study –Changes –Soils –Butterflies Harcourt Your Health Focus Areas: Safety Healthy Habits Decision-Making Skills Interpersonal Skills

11 Social Studies and Geography Macmillan McGraw-Hill and CRAM Integrated Units of Study: Exploring Communities Leadership Historical Figures Economics: wants and needs Geography Five Themes of Geography: Location Human and Physical Characteristics Relationships Within Places Movement Regions See Jenks’ website for more information about these Units of Study:

12 Character Education and Tribes Character Education: Compassion Honesty/Integrity Respect Self-Discipline Courage Perseverance Responsibility/Accountability Teamwork Tribes- Ways of operating with each other: Attentive Listening Appreciation/No Put-Downs The Right to Pass Mutual Respect

13 Technology Integrated into the daily routine of the classroom through: –Information retrieval –Student productivity –Problem solving –Decision making –Communication and collaboration –Delivery of lessons –Classroom management

14 World Language Emphasis on the Spanish Language Integrated into the curriculum Quality video series to support classroom instruction Develops awareness Appreciation of other cultures Cultural comparisons- similarities and differences

15 Specials Art Music Physical Education

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